2008 US election, Republicans

GOP prayers answered?

I’m going to recant the impression I gave in a previous post that God doesn’t answer prayers. He may, in fact have answered the prayers of the Republican Party, if not James Dobson, by Hurricane Gustav. There is no way the GOP can hold a show near as professional, as entertaining, or as uplifting as the Democrats did last week, and the hurricane has just given them their free pass. Without the hurricane, the convention ran the risk of being compared one-to-one with last week’s Denver affair, and in no way would it have measured up.

There’s no risk of that unfair comparison now.


3 thoughts on “GOP prayers answered?

  1. Now, now – let’s be fair, Kev, a hurricane hitting New Orleans makes for a lot of work for the Republicans. Bush and Cheney have to monitor closely to make sure FEMA follows up on their excellent job of saving the Arabian horses, plus they have to prepare to throw the director under the bus. And McCain has to be ready – the chance to pick up a hammer and pose for a photo op could happen at a moments notice. Besides, for all he knows, he could own a house there….


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