2008 US election, John McCain

How hard is it to read a teleprompter?

Pretty fucking hard, if John McCain’s “speech” last night was any indication. His speech was about as motivating as a Grade 10 French dialog  (“Bonjour, Jacques, est-ce que to vas au centre d’achats?”).  I still think McCain is going to win this thing, but he’s not doing himself any favours whatsoever – he’s got little or no leadership skills (oh, I forgot, he used to get in trouble in college), and is trying to foist off a “change” agenda after voting with Bush 90% of the time over the last eight years.

I really want the American electorate to prove me wrong – prove to me that you’ve been awake this past decade – we need an America to respect, not the sad bullying spectacle it’s turned into. It’s never nice to see your friends swirling around the drain…



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