And There Was Much Rejoicing…Yay.

Well, we’re off again. Another federal election. Which, if current signs are any indication, should be about as pleasant as a colonoscopy. Excuse me if I’m not overly enthusiastic or optimistic. I am, however, expecting my extremely savvy compatriots to enliven the process with insightful commentary. I have my own little corner of the world I’m comfortable in, and I rely on Kevvyd and Briguy to enlighten me on matters political.

I find it interesting that even the New York Times makes mention of the election call (good for you, America Junior!), and in the first paragraph of the article, indicates that Der Harpenfuehrer has violated his own legislation by calling the election a year early.

The whole affair promises to be pretty lackluster, with the Conservatives dominating the airwaves with Stevie’s testimonials about how great it is to have kids (I’m sure he’s glad he bought ’em), the Liberals, who I originally had high hopes about, disorganized and having a leader who is experimenting with invisibility, and the NDP attempting to convince us they possess spines of any sort. I am expecting Jack Layton to show up for news conferences in a big orange exoskeleton from now on.

Having said that, let me be the first (at least here) to exhort all of you: VOTE. Don’t sit back and decide your vote doesn’t matter, then complain for the duration of the next parliament. Collectively, it DOES matter. I consider myself, despite frequent eye-rolls and shakes of the head, to be extremely fortunate to have been born a Canadian (even though it was …<shudder>… Ontario). As such, I reap many benefits of citizenship, not the least of which being freedom of speech (for the moment…), and, in return, I consider voting to be a responsibility I take very seriously.

Unfortunately, the poor examples set by our ‘leaders’ has led to cynicism, and cynicism almost inevitably leads to apathy. However, if we all want this country to be as good as it could be, or if we at least want to help it find the path to excellence that some of us hope for, we have to exercise our right to vote. I may complain, I may moan, I may bitch, but I cast my ballot in the hope that things will get better. Not voting would be giving up, and I don’t do that too easily.

It’s my own vote of confidence in Canada. A big ‘thank you’ to my home, which I wouldn’t trade for any other country in the world.

Although Germany was quite nice.

It’s a Flash Fact.

3 thoughts on “And There Was Much Rejoicing…Yay.

  1. Yup, we’re off. And the best that I think we can hope for is another conservative minority government.On the plus side Harper seems to have done enought to annoy Quebecers to ensure that a minority is the best that he can hope for. I’m willing to do my part to bring this about because frankly, this time I’ll vote for a sack of badgers before I vote for a conservative. Although if only half of what we hear is true, there’s not much difference tempermentally between Harper and a sack of badgers anyway.


  2. Well it seems the Four (Three?) Fat Parties have decided to push around the CBC in order to keep out the Green party from the Leader’s debate. It seems they are scared that they will be showed up with someone who will ask real questions. I would have loved to see how May would fare among the blubbering idiots in their “debate” (shouting fest actually). I have not reviewed the Green party issues, however, I am sure that they could not do worse than the present government. Here is the link to the stroy on CBC with all of the leader’s silly reasons why they don’t want her in.


    Comment away!



  3. I’ll agree with you on the Green Party’s exclusion from the debates, Paul – I’m especially disappointed in Jack Layton’s objection, it seems the “Democrat” in the NDP’s name only extends so far. On the election itself, I’ll agree with Doug that the best we can hope for is to hold the Conservatives to a minority government – the Liberal’s past performance of caving in every time Harper mentioned the word ‘confidence vote’ made them look like they didn’t want to win an election, and I think the electorate is about to grant that wish.

    Speaking for myself, in my district of St John’s East, since the Liberal Party decided to go with Walter Noel, a former cabinet minister in Brian Tobin’s government, who has:

    a. lost the last 3 elections he’s run in;

    b. is under investigation for expesne account claims he made while a provincial cabinet minister including claims for ladies clothes, luggage, a $288 clock radio, “high end perfumes,” cookware, tools, CDs and a hotel room in England; and

    c. is commonly described, including by other Liberal supporters of my acquaintance, as having the personality of a doorknob and the charm and intelligence of a dead fish.

    This would definitely preclude my voting Liberal in this election, the NDP is running Jack Harris, the former provincial NDP leader, who does have the virtue of winning the riding years before, so I am leaning towards voting for him.


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