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Full of Shit

Nice one, Steve. Not only do you have the gall to launch ad hominem attacks on Stéphane Dion rather than addressing policy issues, you are guilty of some pretty pathetic symbolism as well:

The Puffin Poops. Somewhere, A Maritimer Weeps.
The puffin poops. Somewhere, a Maritimer weeps.

I’m sure I speak for most of my compadres when I clearly state that American-style character assassination is unwelcome and unnecessary. Ever wonder why Canadians are deciding not to vote? It’s juvenile shit like this.

It’s a Flash Fact.


12 thoughts on “Full of Shit

  1. Sadly, we’re seeing ever more American style campaigning this time around. Last night I learned, via a bullshit soft-focus cuntservative ad that Stephen Harper loves his kids. For the longest time I was under the illusion (delusion?) that Canadian politics spoke more of issues and less about personalities than in the US. Sadly, deranged and short-sighted economic policies aren’t the only things Harper is importing from the US of Eh.


  2. In fairness to Harper, he did shut down the ad – and while I’ll agree it’s idiotic, it’s not that much worse than some of the stuff you can see on the libblogs site. I will say, Kevvy, that if you’re complaining about the use of personality-style attack ads, the use of terms like ‘cuntservative’ is an odd way of doing it.


  3. When last I checked, this wasn’t the New York Times. I don’t think there is any expectation of bias-free commentary. This is opinion, not objective fact.


  4. And I don’t recall saying this was the New York Times, nor that the commentary had to be bias-free, et’s try not putting words in my mouth, shall we? What I said is it should be consistent.


  5. Okay Dan, I’m sorry I called the members of the Conservative Party of Canada “cuntservatives”. I didn’t realize I would offend, and you’re right, it does nothing to strengthen any argument I make. However, if you look at the visitor stats on this site, it’s basically a work of rhetorical masturbation – it’s just us banging ideas and comments around. When I go trolling the Blogging Tories, I’m much more polite.

    Yeah. Heh.


  6. That’s all right, Kev, I think it’s just a case of hanging around too many sites where terms like ‘Fiberal’ ‘Cuntservative’, and the American equivalents of ‘Repiglican’ and ‘Dimocrat’ get thrown around, I’m just getting fed up with the whole affair. That, and I’m trying to get a 200 word paper done on an Ernest Hemingway short story done for my English course, and somehow I doubt that saying ‘The purpose of this story is Hemingway wanted to sell it for rum money’ is going to really work. Nonetheless, Flash, I do apologize for my snarkiness of yesterday, would a Doctor Who/South Park mashup serve as a peace offering?


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