Award? I don’t need your stinking award!

I quickly note that another high-ranking Catholic recipient of the Order of Canada has given it back in belated response to Henry Morganthaler’s award earlier this summer. Childish gestures like this are curious to me – what is it saying? Is he saying “I won’t have the same award that old douche-bag abortionist has”? Is he saying “Thanks, but no thanks for the award, Canada, I see the kind of people you honour around here”?


Whatever you want, bitter old man. Whatever.  How about handing over the tax money that your after-life insurance business should have been paying all along with it? It’s in the Bible, dude – “give unto Ceasar”.

-kvd out


2 thoughts on “Award? I don’t need your stinking award!

  1. I think he’s protesting about Sue Johansen getting it in 2001- I’m sure like any catholic priest he gets a funny feeling…you know…down there…when Sue rolls the condom on the banana…


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