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What’s the point?

In these pages and elsewhere, there has been much discussion about the strangely close presidential election south of our border. Given the choice between a motivating, exciting, and urgent young candidate and a do-nothing hundred-year-old that has been either openly crooked or quietly in the back pocket of big business for thirty years representing the party that has started two unfinished wars, broken the economy and sits with thumb up ass three years after New Orleans sank, this should not even be close at this point in the race. Obama should be leading by 20% or more, but he’s not.




Because he’s running for the Democrats, the party of weak-kneed mealy-mouthed pansies that have once again folded in front of a Republican minority (minority!) and have okayed a bill to allow drilling for offshore oil even though every economist worth his or her salt has already said it will do nothing for fuel prices for tens of years.


As lean as the choices are this time north of the border, I don’t envy the dedicated lefty to the south.

-kvd out


One thought on “What’s the point?

  1. I should note (as a Canadian living in New York). That although it appears that the Dems folded to the GOP, they were actually quite sneaky and really did anger the Republicans…

    They okayed a billel to allowed drilling only 50 miles offshore. Apparently all of the “good stuff” is from 3 to 50 miles… so the GOP is fuming that this doesn’t accomplish anything.

    Worthwhile noting.


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