Because Knowing is Half the Battle…

For the information of our esteemed readers, I offer here a link to the Liberal Party’s Green Shift proposal.

I figure, even if you disagree with the Green Shift plan – which some Canadians clearly do – you should be informed, rather than judging based on Conservative criticism alone. The rest of the party’s platform comes out today, and I’m interested in finding out what they have in mind, if for no other reason than to help me make an informed decision. I or my compatriots will probably post it when it becomes available.

The problem with the Green Shift, as I see it, is that it asks Canadians to defer gratification – to give up something now in exchange for longer-term benefits, some of which, like tax cuts, are short-term but ultimately only ‘profitable’ once a year, and the main benefit, a reduction in greenhouse gas emnissions to halt or delay global warming, is a benefit to be paid to someone else in an undefined future time. Most Canadians have no concept of the ‘future’ beyond what’s on TV tonight, so I am sadly not convinced that apparently sound plan can be sold to the shortsighted masses that prefer the emotional stroking of the Conservative message.

I hope that people see fit to prove me wrong, but what do I know, I’m only a Sociologist.

It’s a Flash Fact.


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