It turns out “women” should have been singular…

It looks like the worm has finally turned on Rosamund Luke. The  locally-connected Conservative who founded the All Women’s Empowerment and Development Association (AWEDA) and became the CPoC’s pick to run for the Halifax riding has been officially fired from her position as head of her “charity” a couple of weeks after having been forced to remove herself from the Conservative ticket when she suddenly remembered that she had a criminal record. In an announcement this morning, the remaining board members of AWEDA announced the association was dissolving after Luke was unable to account for $84,000 of the $142,000 granted to the organization last year. 


AWEDA’s new motto – Empowerment, One Woman at a Time


Peter Stoffer, a local NDP MP and one of the only voices of sanity in a province with Zimbabwe-like governance issues, has requested that Sheila Fraser, the federal Auditor General, investigate how the grant was issued and whether Luke’s ties to the federal Party was involved. Let’s hope she looks into it.

-kvd out

3 thoughts on “It turns out “women” should have been singular…

  1. Might I suggest the motto should be ‘Enrichment, One Woman at a Time’. Also, given Ms Luke’s history of uttering threats and questionable financial dealings, who else thinks a run for the HRM School Board is in her future?


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