Thou Shalt Not Call. Unless You Are a Political Party. Or a Charity. Or…

So, in the interests of peace and quiet, at least during supper, I went, along with quite a few other Canadians, to the site that lets you register for the “Do-Not-Call” list. Imagine my surprise (maybe not ‘surprise’, maybe… ‘complete expectation’) to discover the site has apparently crashed, at least as of this writing.

Besides the inability to handle what should have been anticipated levels of consumer tube rage, the parameters of the list bother me a bit – how is it fair that a total stranger can’t call me to tell me I’ve won a free trip somewhere, but the Conservative Party can call me to solicit my support for strapping the rat cage to my face?

Seriously, with a little extra work, and a few well-placed bad words to those who can still call you under the swiss-cheese like regulatory regime, we can reclaim the telephone for its intended purpose: communication. It will be nice, won’t it?

Now if only the government can dig deep and discover a clue about public opinion and the demands of technological solutions (Who is their IT guy? Captain Caveman?), we may get a system that works to our advantage.

It’s a Frustrating Flash Fact.


3 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Not Call. Unless You Are a Political Party. Or a Charity. Or…

  1. Flash, my memory of 70’s era cartoons is a little hazy (cheap animation and several bowls of sugar Crisp played havoc with my Saturday morning comprehension levels) but didn’t Captain Caveman wear a sweater vest similar to Harper’s? Also, I’vefound that using telemarketing calls as a source of personal amusement is both, well, personally amusing and a good way to get you put on the company’s do-not-call list. Telemarketers apparently don’t like being asked if they’ve figured out where it was that they took that wrong turn on their career path. >: )


  2. I’m not going to bother with the “no-call” list *because* of all of the exclusions. I figure that all I’ll be doing is adding myself to another list that will call me up at suppertime and ask me if I’m sure I want to be on the no-call list.

    The accomodation that I’ve come to is only made possible by caller ID:
    – if the number is toll-free, I ignore it unless I’m in the mood to be rude to someone
    – it the number is withheld or private, I let it go to my answering machine
    – if it is an identified number, but not a person or business I deal with, I ignore it
    – otherwise I answer it.

    I probably answer 15% of my phone “calls” because of these sons of bitches.


  3. Heh. I tried to join today, too. What’s the point, though? The only telemarketers who call me are “charities”, political parties, and pollsters. I put the word charities in quotes for a reason.

    As Kevvy says, caller display is the most effective way of dealing with these people. I feel bad for the poor sucker that calls me from a 1-800 number when I’m in a mood. Although, really, I should ask to speak to a manager instead of the front-line telemarketer. At least then I’m abusing someone who gets more than $6/hour to bother people.


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