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Two questions for Mr. Harper

Mr. Harper,

Knowing what you now know about the situation in Iraq, the lack of WMDs, and the death toll both of western soldiers and of Iraqi civilians, would you still have committed troops to that effort had you been Prime Minister in 2003?

before you answer:

Would you like Mr. Howard to answer that question on your behalf?

Thank you,


13 thoughts on “Two questions for Mr. Harper

  1. Send the question to the National and see if it gets asked when Harper appears. I doubt it but its worth a try. Don’t ask the second question though. Let him answer for himself.


  2. I just watched the debate. It seems that Gilles Ducepe is a reader of Blevkog. He also got the answer that I expected Harper would give to that question.
    Overall I’d say that Layton came out the best of the lot. Harper stayed poised but he really needs to work on hiding that look of smouldering disdain that keeps popping up. It also wouldn’t hurt if he put some more effort into showing some real concern for what the non-corporate citizens would like. Nothing he said made me think that he might have reconsidered his view that what’s good for big business will make life better for the rest of us. If he manages to pull off a majority I think that we’ll see that view become a lot more prominent than it has been.


  3. I watched about half of it last night (flipping between it and the Palin/Biden debate) and I thought that Dion did a pretty good job, Layton did great (I might have to start eating some of those things I’ve said about him in the past), but in my mind the “winner”, if such a thing exists, was Elizabeth May. On every question I saw her answer, she was direct, non-evasive, and clearly spoken. She is a great debater, a great public speaker, and while the Greens are unlikely to win many seats owing to our bogus FPTP system, she will win many votes, and therefore more funding for the Greens for the next cycle.


  4. I agree, May won the English debate. Whether that will translate to green votes is a prediction I’m not qualified to make. Duceppe won the soundbite award, though. He really does have a lot of fun in the English debates, doesn’t he? I wish Layton had stolen May’s answer on the question “what’s the first thing you’d do as PM?”. PR should be a priority for all the parties, as fair voting should (in a perfect world) be as non-partisan as sweater-vests.

    PS – I love Duceppe’s answer to that question. “Well, I’m not going to be PM, and neither are three of the others at this table, whether they admit it or not.” Classic.


  5. I’ll agree that May did well, from the limited bit that I could see – whether that translates into seats I don’t know – it’s frustrating actually, since I’ll agree with this poster’s assessment of the two Green Party candidates in St John’s as the smartest guys running, however, due to the Green’s policy on the seal hunt, among other things, they’re pretty much guaranteed to tank in a Newfoundland election. However, I take heart in this poll which would seem to indicate that my riding, at least, is sending an NDPer to Parliament.


  6. Mr. Harper states that he and his Conservative Party are the Visionary leaders who can give us confidence in the path they see for Canada politically, socially and economically.
    Well here’s my take on Mr. Harper his Party’s leadership on some of the major issues of the past 5 years or so.

    Mr. Harper and many in his party, including his Environmental Minister Mr. Baird, until the last election were denying there even was a Global Warming Problem? It is documented with video on you tube.

    Mr. Harper and many in his party were contributing financially and morally to a fund at the University of Calgary that supported international initiatives that questioned the scientific evidence pointing to human contribution to the Global Warming problem. High ranking University of Calgary professors closely tied to Mr. Harper and the Conservative Party spearheaded this initiative. It is documented. see (Mike de Souza Canwest Tuesday, September 23, 2008)

    Mr. Harper and many in his party have a difficult time in separating Church and State when it comes to debating and criticizing government law. Being religious does not exclude someone from public office; it mearly points to a dilemma. That too is documented.

    Citizens should not need to worry whether a candidate has the best interests of the country or his/her religion in mind when making decisions or drawing up legislation.

    Canada, according to his thinking should now be participating in Iraq That too is documented.

    On the important issues in the past ten years: Iraq, Global Warming and separation of Church and state he gets a failing grade.

    On a lighter side I would have some difficulty taking a person seriously if he or she based their cosmology and thereby their theology on a belief that man and dinosaurs walked together in on earth in the Garden of Eden about 5000 years ago and that 244,000 people, since Adam, will go to heaven.



  7. Dan,
    Would that be the first Newfoundland NDP win, should it occur?

    Is it possible for a Creationist, particularly a young-earth Creationist like Palin, to believe in the reality of global warming? I mean, our knowledge of climate history, from which we base our determination that the climate is changing at an unseen rate, is based on information from ice cores, which are erroneously reported to be far older than the Biblically-allocated 6500 years.

    She, and other reality-deniers like her, should not be allowed out of the house, let alone cast tie-breaking votes in the Senate. Speaking of which, did you hear her last night saying that the VP “ran” the Senate? Who does she think she is, Dick Cheney?


  8. Kev, no, actually the NDP candidate running in this district had won it before in the 90’s in a bye-election. He got beat out by the PCs in the next general election and moved on to heading up the Provincial NDP.

    As to whether a YEC can ‘believe’ in Global Warming – I don’t see why not. Considering the twisted logic path you have to maintain to keep that worldview going, one more kink in the stream of thought probably wouldn’t be out of reach. I have, actually, seen some evangelicals make the case for it – Rick Warren , for one.


  9. There is a city buried below mount Vesuvius; and those poor souls left behind who are eternally caste in dust might well have been the skeptics of the day who refused to believe what the priests were saying; that the gods were pissed at them.
    The gods were not upset but the mountain definitely killed them. The priests were totally right for the wrong reasons. So is the moral of the story believe your priests?
    If naysayer can’t believe what they read in books maybe they’ll believe what they see and touch in real life.


  10. Rita, I thought the Liberals were going to eliminate poverty by 2000, and yet here we are, poverty rates as high or higher than ever. Social programs are a minor concern for the Liberals, but not at all for the Conservatives as innate to their politic is the naive Ayn Rand philosophy that we get what we earn, nothing more. We should all take that with us to the ballot box.


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