Phrases I’m sick of…

  • working families
  • lipstick
  • maverick
  • …up in Alaska…
  • Main Street / Wall Street
  • nuc-you-ler
  • Eye-rak
  • folks/folksy
  • Eye-ran
  • mandate
  • i-reporter
  • President Bush

Anyone have others?


9 thoughts on “Phrases I’m sick of…

  1. ‘cut and run’
    I’ll add ‘socialist’, ‘communist’ and ‘fascist’ when they’re used by people with little historical knowledge what the terms mean


  2. Family Values (when spoken by Harper, Bush, Stockwell Day…I envision them to mean Women barefoot and pregnant with more kids than they can count so they can’t be in the work force)

    When a horrific accident occurs with many people killed they always find the ones who they can refer to as ‘he was loving husband, a good father’ or ‘she was a loving wife and good mother’..where are the single or childless people in the accident or do they not count? Hence, I’ve told Flash when I die he is to refer to me as that miserable bitch.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment.


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