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The Juice, Squeezed

So, in a startling display of delayed karma blowback, a jury has found O.J. Simpson guilty of 12 counts, including robbery and kidnapping, related to his apparently questionable negotiating tactics in regard to two sports memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas. Book publishers immediately formulated plans to have Mr. Simpson author a new book, “If I Hadn’t Done It”.

I’m holding my breath until you convict me of something.

As he is now 61 years old, and expected to serve 15 to life for the crimes, it is anticipated that he will probably spend the rest of his life in jail. I would include some comment about how the Goldman family felt about all this, but I’ve actually stopped caring about that quite some time ago. Such apathy was also motivated by the Goldman family’s recent media whoring on Dr. Phil.

Let’s just close this sordid chapter of our horribly twisted collective life, shall we? This whole O.J. thing has gone on a lot longer than it should have, and been exploited beyond all reason. A good example of how easy it is to profit from something this ridiculous:

My Dad took a trip to New York for a few days – I don’t recollect the reason, probably looking for hard-to-find parts for his hobby – and, as a matter of course, he happened to walk by some street vendors. This was all of about four or five days after the infamous white bronco, but there were street vendors in New York City selling t-shirts that said “Free O.J.!” He bought me one – I subsequently got rid of it several years later after the amusement I got from it turned to shame in owning one.

Pathetic. This whole thing, and Simpson’s morbid type of celebrity, gives me more reasons to shake my head in disgust at the antics of the media and the small-minded idiots that hang on their every word.

It’s a Foul Flash Fact.

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