2008 US election, Sarah Palin

Desperate times call for…

compete bullshit, apparently.


A fish tail

Revitalized by the fact that Sarah Palin successfully managed to avoid cutting herself with the podium or vomitting onstage (thank you, SNL!) the other night, the McCain campaign has put her front and centre for the last big push toward the election. And naturally, without a platform to speak of and zero credibility on matters economic at a time when it is absolutely required, expediency dictates personal attacks on the opponent. The first wave of attacks is based on Obama’s tenuous ties to William Ayers, formerly of the Weather Underground. To whit:

Our opponent … is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.

Of course this is bullshit – “palling around” is hardly appropriate. However, what is appropriate? How about, “Sarah Palin is balling a guy that used to belong to an Alaskan separatist organization“?


What’s next – more Jeremiah Wright? How about Barack Obama left his ill wife for a younger heiress? They can always fall back on the black thing.


Bring it, bitches.

-kvd out


22 thoughts on “Desperate times call for…

  1. On closer examination that isn’t distracted by the Mythbusters non-dairy creamer cannon I see where you’re going with this. My apologies.


  2. Nice catch, Dan, I’d forgotten about The Maverick’s campaign manager! Hey, who here can draw superheroes? We need to create…


    Hell, he’s even got a sidekick now.


  3. James Garner was also Maverick. Not insane, as far as I know. Played Jim Rockford, also. And promoted Polaroid cameras with Mariette Hartley. Who totally did Mr. Spock millions of years in the past.

    This is a game I like to call “Six Degrees of What the Fuck are you Talking About?”


  4. Note to other ‘Koggers: you may have noticed that this is posting number 999 – I think Kevvy should have the honor of posting #1K, since he started this foolishness back in the mists of time.


  5. “Real Maverick” has something to it – for the sidekick, how about ‘Hockey Mom”? Or we could play with it and change the lettering to ‘HockiMom!’ – it has a certainly Japanese anime feel to it, and Alaska is right next to Russia which is next to Japan!

    Flash, I had noticed the numbering, and fully agree with you that Kev should have the honour of post 1K, maybe a retrospective, since when he started the blog, we were looking horrifyingly at the prospect of a Tory minority government, and look at how things have changed. Seriously, since this is a blog, and it is election time, maybe a post on technology and its future use as a political tool, with a mention of Obama’s new IPhone Application:


    It’s probably a valuable lesson that the NDP needs to learn, since judging from this episode, no one in the senior NDP leadership is capable of using Facebook, MySpace or Google:



  6. ‘Real Maverick’ has a nice feel to it – for the sidekick, might I suggest ‘Hockey Mom’? Or maybe we could give a kind of ‘now’ edge to it, and change it to ‘HockiMom!’ – I like it, it’s got kind of an Japanese Anime feel to it, and Japan is next to Russia, which is right next to Alaska, don’t you know….


  7. “The (Mis)Adventures of Real Maverick and Hokkimom!” It’s got west/east feel, kind of Chris Tucker / Jackie Chan.

    As for exactly how low Flash would go, judging from how low I’ve seen him go, it doesn’t bear thinking about.


  8. I suspect that’s one of those things Man Was Not Meant To Know, right there in line with, ‘so how would it feel, to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series?’


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