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  1. True – but on the other hand, from some of the conversations I’ve had with the “I can’t be bothered to vote’ crowd – while I grant you that some of them don’t vote because they can’t see any difference in the candidates, an awful lot of them truly are assholes, who even if you could get them to vote, would probably just wind up voting for the wrong side anyway.


  2. I was thinking of posting on this topic, but seeing as how you guys have beaten me to it, here goes: It seems that every time election time comes around, a small but vocal group that advocate not voting crawls out of the woodwork. These people really bother me, just as much (maybe more) as people who don’t bother to vote.

    The reason’s touted are anything from “If I don’t vote, I can’t be blamed for the government that is elected. If I don’t participate in the flawed system, I bear no rsponsibility for its result” (sadly, I’ve even heard George Carlin say something similar to this); to “I can’t distinguish between the candidates – they all seem the same to me, so why bother? Not voting is my protest against this system.”

    The thing is, those who don’t vote, whether it be out of apathy, or some weird idea that its a form of protest, feel entirely free to complain about the government that does get elected.

    I got some sad news for you, kids: NONE of the official parties counts, or give a rat’s ass about those who didn’t vote. They are all only concerned with the proportion of votes that WERE cast that are allocated to their particular party.

    The Democracy-like system we have now is imperfect, so are all similar systems (Winston Churchill is often quoted to this effect). Never-the-less, this is the system we got, and until a “NONE OF THE ABOVE” option is printed on the ballot; voting is the ONE opportunity for the people to be heard. Its the only chance we all have to give voice to our preferences, even if it is in each of our small, reedy, barely heard voices. One can at least make it known who you won’t vote for.

    Those who don’t vote are not counted, in effect, they don’t count – they are never heard. How can you be protesting if no-one can hear you? The answer is: Its not much of a protest if you voluntarily keep silent. By not voting, the individual is acquiescing to the decision being made by everyone else.

    The choice to vote, or not, is a personal one. However if you let everyone else make your decision for you; then you have foregone your right to complain. If you choose not to participate, then sit down, and shut up, you could have helped to sway the vote, but you didn’t.


  3. I absolutely agree, graven – heck, I’ve voted NDP in the last two provincial elections, essentially pissing away my vote into the face of the unstoppable Danny Williams juggernaut. I knew damn well it wasn’t going to make any difference in the end, and yet, it is my vote, and my decision on where to put it.


  4. I don’t think I ever voted for someone who actually won until I moved to Halifax and voted for Alexa. Sorry, Brad, but I voted for you in the advance polls last weekend.


  5. What if no-one truly represents my views, though? I am quite certain that nobody running in Halifax (my new home) has promised public funding for audits allowing people to make it to Operating Thetan level III (or beyond). In fact, I know of no single politician who has reached the state of Clear. I can’t vote for individuals who are still haunted by the essences of Xenu’s victims.


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