Parse this one, if you will…

Cindy McCain claims Barack Obama has waged “the dirtiest campaign in history“. Don’t pay attention, though, and to be fair John would be the first to say it, she’s just a stupid c**t.


7 thoughts on “Parse this one, if you will…

  1. If anyone actually can distort their minds sufficiently to believe any of this by now, they need to be executed for the good of the global gene pool.
    I sincerely hope the citizens of the U.S. haven’t quite become the placid comrades of Airstrip One that the Repuglicans seem to believe they have.


  2. Obviously, George Orwell got the date wrong by a couple of decades or so – we’re living in the days of ‘doublespeak’ – good is evil, honesty is lies, and black – well, to Cindy McCain, black is someone who should be fetching her a mint julep….


  3. I’d say he was unclear on the concept – it’s interesting, I’ve just finished a book called “Other Teddy Roosevelts” by Mike Resnick, and certainly McCain’s no Teddy – for one thing, Roosevelt had led a wide and varied career – president, naturalist, explorer, author, cowboy, police commissioner, deputy marshal, soldier, taxidermist, ornithologist, and boxer. Whereas McCain’s life experience has pretty much consisted of the Military and the Senate – I suppose we could add Golddigger if his marriage to Cindy is considered.


  4. I guess that would be a miner of sort. Just watched the end of the debate – McCain had heavy emphasis on the “steady hand on the tiller” in his concluding statements. He’s supposed to be steady? Really? He who curtailed his campaign for a couple of days to do nothing when the heat was on last week?


  5. “Steady Hand?” Would that be the same steady hand that was attached to the man who ran around like a chicken with his head cut off? The same one that George Will called ‘The least presidential of the two?”

    I think he has specific disdain for Obama, I don’t think McCain’s racist – he just seems to have a ‘no quarter, no surrender’ approach to his campaign. You should looking up the profile Jeffrey Goldberg did of him for The Atlantic magazine, war is pretty much the centre of his being, and that’s the approach he’s taking to this election.


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