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Qualified? For What?

The sound you hear is Care Bears vomiting.

9 thoughts on “Qualified? For What?

  1. Souls of unborn children. Isn’t that what Dick Cheney powers his pacemaker with? Or is he still using the tears of the impoverished?


  2. the victims always apologize, kevvyd, that’s how you can tell they’re in Thrall to their Dark Master.
    (OK, I *really* need to stop reading H.P. Lovecraft before bedtime…)


  3. This look she’s giving is the same one she gave her male teachers in school when she didn’t have her assignments done and figuring if she looked at them this way she’d get out of having to do it. She’s just missing her finger twirling in her hair and twisting her toes. She’s gotta be a real blonde…no self respecting brunette knows how to give that look and think they are going to get away with it.


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