Inflaming rednecks for fun and profit, John McCain

McCain’s not takin’ the low road to the highest office

Watch this video and try to convince me that Maverick and Bible Spice aren’t intentionally trying to inflame racial hatred against Barack Hussein Obama. I really hope it doesn’t work, but with Obama’s lead as small as it is, I wouldn’t be altogether surprised if this low shit doesn’t make the difference.

Small-minded, blind motherfuckers. All. Of. Them.

[update => Can someone tell me if they think that the blonde that keeps stickin’ her racist craw in the camera doesn’t look uncannily like the PUMA creature in this video…


-kvd out


15 thoughts on “McCain’s not takin’ the low road to the highest office

  1. I’m not disagreeing with you, Kev, these guys in the first video are assholes, but as the second video shows, the Democrats aren’t entirely free of idiots. Heck, even the NDP in Canada have had problems this election cycle – I suggest you google the names ‘Julian West’ and ‘Andrew McKeever’. I suspect you’re right that the assholes predominately lean towards the Republicans in the States, but without further datum, I can’t make a positive statement. Besides, this sort of thing seems to be backfiring with some Republican’s, certainly David Frum(!) at National Review seems to think it’s gonna fail – not that it’s stopped the rest of the idiots over there (yes, I read National Review from time to time, it’s a great way of finding out what the enemy is up to – and do I get any appreciation for my suffering – not a bit).

    As for Obama’s slim lead – I presume you’re talking about the popular vote, where it’s 51/46, no? Chill, Kev, you of all people should know, and if you don’t I’m sure Al Gore can educate you, popular votes don’t mean squat. It’s the Electoral College that matters, and as this site, which I highly recommend, BTW, shows – he’s doing well there.


  2. Dan, I checked out Rush Limpaugh’s website once. So you can guess how much sympathy you’ll get from me. I’m sure I lost three IQ points and my brain still hurts from the induced cognitive disconnect.


  3. I’ve seen the guy from 538 interviewed a few times and have the sight favourited. Obama is indeed doing well right now, but there is still 3.5 weeks, and there are a lot of red necks in some of the swing states and a good fear/hate campaign might well get the vote out. It’s a standard Rove play – it worked against Kerry and it could well work against Obama.

    After all, he’s smart and he’s black, and therefore a threat. Hide the women in the ternado shelter!


  4. I’ll agree it worked against Kerry, and it also worked against Dukkassis in ’88 when Bush Sr. used it – however, both of those times the economy was doing reasonably well at the time. Contrast that with now – millions of American’s just got their quarterly report on how much their 401(k) is worth, and have just realized how truly fucked they are right now – they’re not going to give a shit that Barrack Obama sat on an education board with someone who threatened to blow up the Pentagon 40 years ago, they’re going to want to know who’s going to fix this and they’re going to blame the party that’s had the balance of power for the last 14 years.

    I’ll grant you this will work on some of the population – let’s say 19% (I use that number ’cause it’s Dubya’s popularity right now, and I figure anyone dumbshit enough to still think Bush is doing a good job is going to buy this crap). That 19% wasn’t going to vote for Obama anyway, OTOH, there’s a lot of moderates who are looking at this with absolute horror and thinking ‘This is no place for me’.

    I’m not saying that we should be complacent, I just think we should step back and let McCain finish stringing up the rope the voters will hang him with come Election Day


  5. Doug, I’ve looked at Limbaugh’s site a time or two myself – but I’ve never tried to make sense of the damn thing – that way lies madness. Of course, once you’ve seen this guy’s website, cognitive disconnect becomes something you pray for….


  6. The video, unfortunately, is not all that surprising. The one lady is obviously playing it up for the camera, but not realizing that she’s all along making the interviewer’s point. And the bloodline and name comments are disturbing, but again, not really surprising. Fear can be a powerful thing, and when you can use it a political weapon, you can accomplish much. Look at Hitler.


  7. Oh noes! He’s a Muslim! (he’s not, I know, it’s just that there’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim, any more so than there’s something wrong with allowing a Flying Spaghetti Monster or the victims of Xenu or a 2000-year old delusional schizophrenic dictate your life.)

    Again, I can’t live in the USA ever again. The racism is just too overt and scary. I prefer our hidden, subtle racism up here in Canada. Well, it’s subtle outside of NS law-enforcement, anyway.

    That aside, I’m surprised that even in the outwardly racist country that is the USA, these idiots in the videos aren’t being hounded by their neighbours and subjected to public ridicule for their views. Meh. Maybe an Obama presidency will get some of these folk to change their minds about “the other”, if he does some good shit?


  8. Just confining my comments to the content of this video, with no assumptions made about generalized reactions to one strategy or another, the interviewer asks a valid question: how long ago did you hear about Obama vs. Palin? To assert that you know Palin better is on the face of it absurd – they are finding something in her simpleminded philosophy that appeals to them, and I would support an accusation of racism, based on assuming someone’s name makes them more likely to be a terrorist.
    Plus, camoflage ball caps are a sure sign.
    What strikes me about Rudie McRuderson there, sticking her stringy mug in front of the camera, is the content of the series of non-sequiturs she spouts as she jumps in front of the camera. It seemed to me that the man in the ball cap near the end may have been on the brink of an actual thoughtful comment before she interrupted him.
    It makes me wonder, with the strong undercurrent of anti-intellectualism running through both the U.S. and Canadian elections, whether certain members of certain peer groups, in gatherings such as this that have the tone this one has, aren’t acting as ‘non-thought police’, enforcing the simplistic worldview and discouraging thoughtful reflection on issues by emphasizing the jingoistic emotional line. That annoying lady is trying to derail thoughtful commentary by chanting nonsensical slogans.
    Hey, it’s worked in the past. “Sieg Heil” was quite a hit for a few years.
    I’m going to have some more coffee and throw some more brain cells at this. I think there’s probably a post in this later.


  9. Apologies – I meant to correct that to say ‘speculating based on the contents of the video’. I think I ranged further than I intended. That;s what happens when you get on a roll.


  10. Yeah, it does kinda have a low-rent ‘Triumph of the Will’ feel to it, doesn’t it?

    One other point – when I googled this rally, which took place in Strongsville, Ohio, I see that the Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns made an appearance to endorse McCain and Palin. I also see that the Browns are 0-2 at home this season – I guess after Nov 4th, it’ll be 0-4.


  11. Bri – if you think the NS Police department is the only occurrence of overt racism, then you have never dealt with the tender mercies of the Surete de Quebec – just kidding, I know you weren’t saying that. That said, I’m not sure that the subtle racism of Canada is any better, at least the open racism of the States is easier to spot and confront, whereas in Canada, it has the vice of being an accepted institution and much harder to eradicate.


  12. Giving this a bit further thought, Kevvy – I think the reason the two women in the different videos look similar is because they’ve got the same motivation – entitlement. In the case of the PUMA’s, you’ve got a bunch of people who went into this primary firmly convinced that this was Hillary’s fight, that this was her time to claim the glory, and here’s this ‘uppity’ black come to take it away from her (I know they didn’t say ‘uppity’ – but they thought it). The same thing with the first video – these are people who bought into the Karl Rove line about the ‘permanent Republican majority’ and they’re in the position of losing it all – not only are the Dems projected to take the presidency and increase their seats in Congress, but 538 is giving them a 1 in 4 chance of winning 60 seats in the Senate, which means the Republicans aren’t even going to have the option of blocking legislation by filibustering.

    I’ll also add that the two groups also show the difference between ‘overt’ and ‘subtle’ racism – which one’s worse? I don’t know, but at least the overt racist has the dubious virtue of being open and honest about it – there’s nothing worse, IMHO, than a phrase that begins with ‘I’m not a racist, but….’


  13. I don’t know that I’d say that there’s anything subtle about the racism in either case. In the PUMA case (and I originally thought that was a pun on “cougar”), they try to wrap it in allegations of sexism, but the fact that John McCain is actually a man puts the lie to such allegations.


  14. Sean, sorry for the delay posting your comment – because of the link, it was tossed into WordPress’ spam bin. And no, it’s not surprising – fear of Arabs merely supplanted the fear of the black man for a few years. Sigh.


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