Couldn’t help but notice…

That as of this morning, my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs have a perfect record. I know it is unlikely to survive the next game, but for now, I will dream…

-kvd way, way out


9 thoughts on “Couldn’t help but notice…

  1. Live the dream, Kevvy, live the dream – that’s all I can say. Although, you do have the cheerful thought that even at 41 years old, Curtis Joseph still looks to be a far better deal than Raycroft.

    Actually, this reminds me – I’d seen the comparison used elsewhere to describe Chicago Cubs fans, but it fits Toronto fans such as yourself, Soren Kierkegaard’s Knights of Infinite Resignation:



  2. I watched some of the game and I must say the leafs did look very impressive. Mind you, Detroit played very sloppy and Osgood gave Toronto their first goal. One down 81 to go! My Habs look great on paper this year. Hope they can pull it off to cap their centennial.


  3. I wonder if the Leafs and Habs will continue their streaks tonight? 😉

    Seriously, the Habs *do* look strong this year and Leafs look, well, they *are* the Leafs after all.


  4. The Leafs have some potential, just not for this year. Fletcher’s did a good job of clearing out the deadwood (Raycroft, Tucker, & McCabe) over the summer, and there’s a pretty good crop of youngsters left. If they’re smart, the Leafs will tank enough this year to get a good 1st round draft pick like John Tavares.


  5. I have a feeling that, as a Senators fan, I’m about to experience the fabled “rebuilding year”. The Habs do look very promising, so I’ll have a happy Ms. Flash around the house this year.


  6. We’ve all suffered through the ‘rebuilding’ phase, Flash, so just be of stout heart and think of it as a character builder. Look at Kevvy – your typical Leaf fan has enough character built up to populate a Cecile B. DeMille epic.


  7. Well, the Leafs perfect start to the season has coming crashing to the earth like Sarah Palin’s ethics. A 6-1 drubbing at the hands of the Habs. The Leafs tonight looked nothing like the Leafs that played Detroit. However, Cujo came in the third and played very well, including two breakaway saves. Sorry Kev.


  8. Look at the bright side, Kev – you could be a Cubs fan. The number of people who can honestly say they remember the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, is what – a handful now?


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