A sad but true fact…

Frank McKenna’s “New Brunswick Miracle” was predicated on the fact, and now it’s confirmed. My home province is Arkansas North.

-kvd out (well, you know)

4 thoughts on “A sad but true fact…

  1. Those are just the echos of the banjos in Minto, Chipman, Zealand and Burtts Corner, Dan. Gagetown is positively cosmopolitan by comparison.

    I have to say, as a current resident of “Arkansas North” a.k.a. the Irving Banana Republic; I am not surprised at the redneck sentimentality of the objecting parents, or the cowardice of the capitulating school officials.


  2. Ah yes, Minto – the Appalachia of the Atlantic. I’ll grant you that Gagetown is cosmpolitan by comparison, but then again if we’re using Minto as a baseline, that bar’s set pretty low. As you say, no big surprise, I guess we know where the 2nd generation of the Confederation of Regions party’s going to come from.


  3. Kev, you can’t say I never warned you. I could say that as a fellow NBer I share your shame but the only emotion that I can dredge up for these hillbillies is disdain. I love the province itself but with roughly 60% of the population happily functionally illiterate and way too many people proudly uninterested in anything outside their worldview it really is Canada’s Ozarks.


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