A Note Before Bedtime…

Ok, this is depressing. The Conservatives have gained or are leading in more seats. In fact, they are flirting with majority territory. The Liberals have pretty much tanked in the popular vote… The good news is, the NDP seems to be doing reasonably well.

Yeah, yeah, vote splitting and all that.

I’m having a nighmare before I even get to bed. It’s 11:15 AT, and I’m done. Post-mortem tomorrow.

It’s a Fatigued Flash Fact.

3 thoughts on “A Note Before Bedtime…

  1. It’s about 1:00 AT at this writing, and yeah – the Cons are winning – looks like they’ll be about 10 seats short of a majority, though. The NDP are doing well, looks like they’re going to pick up around 8 more seats than last election – 4 more like this and they might be the opposition! Speaking of the Opposition, if there can be said to be any loser in this election, it’s the Liberals, down to 74 seats right now elected and leading. Whether this is going to be enough to force a leadership review is a good question, but in the meantime, I think Stephane Dion should consider taking a chair with the back facing a corner in future caucus meetings….


  2. Maybe this is the best case scenario:

    Harper gets his minority – just as we’re heading into a recession.

    The Libs get a chance to jettison Dion and anoint Iggy as the new Trudeau

    Canadian voters get 2 more years of his Harper’s school-yard bully act.

    Canadian voters watch Obama undo the damage of 8 years of NeoCon government in the US.

    And in 2010, we watch CanCon NeoCons go down in flames.

    I’ve got my front row seat booked for this!


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