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And Now, a Public Service Message from Captain Canuck…

“Greetings, citizens, this is your old friend, Captain Canuck. I’d just like to remind all of you proud Canadians to get out there and cast your vote for our cherished democracy. For those who do not, I’ll be personally sending over a pack of rabid wolverines to tape your mouth shut before they sodomize you. Remember to make the right choice – Vote for freedom, or it’s an endless ordeal of getting screwed in the ass repeatedly without the ability to complain. Now, I must be off! Away to the polling station in York Centre!”

Thank you, Captain. Well said.

(Image shamelessly stolen from here.)

It’s a Forceful Flash Fact.


6 thoughts on “And Now, a Public Service Message from Captain Canuck…

  1. Flash, old buddy, the process of government already makes me feel like I’m undergoing anal rape by small vicious creatures without being able to complain about it. Voting, which I’ve already done by the way, merely allows me my choice of sodomite government rodents. I’d also like to know where your sudden fascination with wolverines has come from.


  2. What obsession? I don’t have an obsession. Really. The ones in my closet are just in case I need one. Never know when that might happen.
    I too have voted for the rodent of choice. We shall see which of the rodents emerges victorious. I betcha it won’t be us.


  3. My rodent has been picked. Lets hope everyone picked the best rodents to bring down the king rodent harpenfeurher. Dave, the wolverine analogy works fine with me, regardless the number of wolverines you have hiding in your closet.


  4. my rodent has been picked – personally, being a D&Der, I prefer Dire Weasels. As for Wolverine being in the closet, I always thought the Adamantium Claws were a way of….compensating.


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