Mustn’t…Geek…Out…! (Star Trek Movie Pics)

Chekov, Kirk, Scotty, Bones, Sulu and Uhura.

The new bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

(Click to embiggen)

I wasn’t sure what to make of all this at first, but I’m ready to see this when it comes out. Or, I may break into J.J. Abrams’ house and see it before then.

It’s a Fanboy Flash Fact.


7 thoughts on “Mustn’t…Geek…Out…! (Star Trek Movie Pics)

  1. I’m of two minds on this – one, it’s being done by J.J. Abrams, of ‘Lost’ and ‘Alias’, on the other hand, it’s being down by J.J. Abrams , of ‘Mission Impossible III’ and ‘Armageddeon’.


  2. Too late Flash. You have successfully activated the geek register. Try looking at some nascar photos to bring yourself down. Then read a book, any book to undo the damage that aknowledging nascar did.


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