John McCain, Sarah Palin

McCain is beginning to reach pretty deep in barrel

John McCain, reacting to increasing criticism of his selection of Sarah Palin as vice, today said:

“I think she’s most qualified of any that has run recently for vice president, tell you the truth,” McCain said, citing her experience as a small-town mayor and Alaska governor. He added: “Bill Clinton was pretty well derided when he came out of a small state to run for president of the United States,” and he pronounced himself “amazed” at the criticism.

So he’s comparing Sarah Palin with Bill Clinton? Clinton the Rhodes scholar, former state Attorney General and governer for twelve years? Really? While it is true she went to more universities, five I believe at last count, she did only came out of it with one degree to show for it. Maybe that stint as mayor of Upper Buttf#$k counts for more than I thought?



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