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Electoral or military mission?

The US just launched an attack within Syrian territory. I ask a question in the title. Discuss.


3 thoughts on “Electoral or military mission?

  1. If it is an electoral mission, it seems to be a failure, as it is coinciding with the capture of two neo-nazis who were plotting to assassinate Obama. The latter story is making headlines, whereas the attack in Syria does not appear to be catching on. I also fail to see what this would accomplish electorally for the GOP, but perhaps I’m missing something.


  2. My thought was that they were trying to provoke Syria into a wider confrontation. Syria seems unwilling to play the role, though, if that was the case.


  3. I’m with Noam – I don’t see how it would work as an electoral mission – even if Briguy’s right, provoking Syria like that would just turn voters away from military interventionism, and towards Obama. If it had been a *Syrian* surprise attack, it might have some value for the Republicans, but it wasn’t. As for the two Neo-Nazis in the news, I don’t know – from the look of things, well-thought-out, their plan wasn’t, and I think that, just as in the case of the girl who concocted the story of an attack by an Obama supporter, continuing coverage of the story just elevates these losers to a status they don’t deserve.


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