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Amusing, Yet Utterly Excruciating…

I recently discovered a site called Not Always Right, which consists of posts from folks in retail who encounter stupid customers. As someone who worked for years in various retail businesses while putting myself through school, I can completely identify with it – it is absolutely hilarious. I recently submitted this gem from my past to the site myself:

Customer on phone: “I need to exchange this movie, it’s the wrong one”

Me: “Which movie were you looking for?”

Customer: “Big Momma’s House”

Me (Recognizing vapid voice, remembering renting said film to customer): “Um, what does it say on the case?”

Customer: “Big Momma’s House”

Me: “What does it say on the cassette itself?”

Customer: “Big Momma’s House”

Me: “… I’m thinking you have Big Momma’s House there, ma’am.”

Customer: “…But…”

Me: “Yes?”

Customer: “But there’s white people in it.”

Me (after staring at phone for 10 seconds): “There are a few of us about, ma’am. We do sneak into the odd movie here and there.”

Customer: (click)

Ahh, Memories.

It’s a Fun Flash Fact.


One thought on “Amusing, Yet Utterly Excruciating…

  1. Ah yes, stupid customers – lord, I ran into a few of them taking calls for Rogers. My personal favourites were the recurring ones that would call up Friday or Saturday evenings in an advanced state of inebriation (hint, guys – most *normal* people call their ex’s when they’re drunk, if you’re calling the phone company – this says something sad about your social life). Or the people who couldn’t understand why not paying their bill for 3 months would affect their credit rating.

    Then there were the stories other reps told:

    the man who downloaded ‘Lord of the Rings’ onto his Blackberry – at a cost of $25,000.00

    the woman who couldn’t understand why she was getting billled for gay porno films when it was just she and her 14 year old son living there.

    and finally everyone’s favourite customer – this guy would call up every Friday night and if he got a female customer rep, would ask her to read out the names of the porn films available for viewing – he wouldn’t order any, he just wanted to hear a female voice recite the titles.

    Sigh… you know, I used to believe in the Inner Decency of Man before I got that job….


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