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Get the ‘Hell’ Out

An interesting story from Edmonton this morning – the Atheist and Agnostic Society at the University of Alberta is urging the administration to remove the reference to god in the convocation ceremony.

Well, I must applaud their efforts on behalf of the people who actually learned something while at university – namely that you might as well make reference to doing good like Batman after graduation rather than appealing to do good works in the name of another fictional character. Those that do their best for their fellow citizens in their chosen career will do so irrespective of their belief or lack thereof. As I’ve said before, generosity or altruism performed while under threat of a fiery punishment is not genuine. I’d prefer to think that graduates of a good-quality university will go out into the world with the critical reasoning skills that will help Canada move further along the path that will lead us to reinforce the positive values Canadians are known for without being held hostage. The type of reasoning skills that recognize just how patently absurd the invisible man in the sky theory is.

Let the members of the administration keep their religious views to themselves, and let the graduates make up their own minds for whom they will expend their efforts: for their fellow citizens, or for their imaginary friend in the sky.

Note: The comments on this CBC item, as on many of their stories, are enough to make one give up on humanity as beyond hope. Why they still even allow comments after all this time is baffling.

It’s a Philosophical Flash Fact.

4 thoughts on “Get the ‘Hell’ Out

  1. I just spent a brief minute flipping through some of the comments and I noticed a common theme – they can’t fucking read, let alone write. Most of the “agin’ us” comments reveal their inner racism in that they assume the request to change the words come from dem goddamned furriners, when in the article it explicitly states that it was the university’s Atheist and Agnostic Society. They would probably be very unhappy to know how many unbelievers there are out there that look just like them!


  2. Kevvy – the inability to spell is a sure sign that they’re wingnuts.

    As for the original post – I don’t know, Flash, is the belief in an ‘invisible friend’ any worse than the belief some of those graduates have that a B.A. in English Lit. and an encyclopedic knowledge of Simpsons Trivia will guarantee them employment?


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