2008 US election, Barack Obama

A Thought Upon Watching the Barack Obama Prime-Time Ad

I really wish I could cast a ballot in the U.S. election on the 4th. I really, really do. I can think of only a few people who were truly noble and inspired, and who have inspired me, and I must say that Barack Obama is one of those people.

As a Canadian citizen (one-quarter American), I sincerely wish Sen. Obama, and every other citizen of the United States, the very best fortune on November 4th.

It is a Feverish Flash Fact.


4 thoughts on “A Thought Upon Watching the Barack Obama Prime-Time Ad

  1. I hope not. We might as well all join hands and jump off a cliff if that happens.

    A Republican victory would signal to a Darwin adherent like myself that we have abrogated our place at the top of the food chain and abandoned any pretense of an adaptive response to a crisis that would guarantee survival.

    With a Republican victory, we can celebrate Wednesday morning the official end of the Reign of the Opposable Thumb.

    With a Republican victory, we may as well decide that the world needs a doctor. That doctor will be Doctor Zaius, and it will be time to start making plans for the Planet of the Apes.


  2. I was just thinking about what one of these infomercials would look like if John McCain did it.

    I was born into money, my daddy and my daddy’s daddy being four-star Admirals. I partied hard, drank hard, came as close to getting expelled from a military school as I could, seeing as my father just about owned the place. I became just about the worst pilot imaginable. On my return from my last flight accident, after five years of imprisonment in Hanoi, I boned around on my wife, eventually settling on a blonde rich thing who had the money and connections to take the place of my father in babysitting me until my dotage.

    Which began about six years ago…


  3. It’s not bad, Kevvy, the only problem I can see is that there’s 4 whole sentences that don’t have mention of his POW status – I can understand that you didn’t bring it up more – McCain hardly ever uses it as a talking point.


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