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Charting the Course

“Wait, which way is America again?


8 thoughts on “Charting the Course

  1. ngoldfarb,
    Umm, that’s some batshit-crazy stuff you have there. I wouldn’t deny that the Weather Underground did some bad shit, but I don’t believe anyone is actually accusing Obama of being Ayers’ BFF – just an acquaintance. His ties with Ayers are probably less of a concern that the past two Bush presidents’ ties with the Bin Laden family, in any case.

    And, on the other hand, Palin is sleeping nightly with someone who belonged to an Alaskan separatist group.

    If we’re going to call for witch-hunts, do so without prejuidice, or shut the fuck up.


  2. Would there be anything that you feel we should know ngoldfarb? Masonic conspiracies perhaps? One-worlder plots to track us through transmitters in our money? Hey, here’s one that needs investigating. Apparently there are people out there claiming that prision time makes one a better president. Kind of opens up the field there, doesn’t it? Just because you found it on the internet doesn’t make it a fact. I’ve found all that crap I just opened with on the internet but I still know that it’s crap. Vote for whoever you want but try to base your choice on something besides received knowledge you heard from a third party source. Also, try not to bother those with critical reasoning skills anymore.


  3. Facts, ngoldfarb? Let’s examine the facts:

    a. first off, the first sentence of your missive starts off with “In the last 60 years the KKK Klu Klux Klan killed 6 people” – only 6? Really? A quick glance online shows at least 25:

    So right there we have established the fact that you’re either (1) a liar or (2) too stupid to do basic research

    b. As for Ayers – you know, there’s something I’ve been wondering. There’s a thing called ‘citizen’s arrest’ – if Ayers is so evil, if he’s a ‘terrorist’ – why don’t *you* put the cuffs on him? Of course, that would actually require some bravery on your part – it’s a lot easier to hide behind a keyboard and blog this sort of chickenshit.

    So, in short, our ‘facts’ are that you’re a coward and a liar – basically, you’re beneath contempt and not worth my time.


  4. AND I’d like to point out that, no matter how utterly contemptible and ridiculous your views are, I asked the other members of this blog to ALLOW YOUR COMMENT. Unlike you, who is insecure enough if nobody is kissing your racist ass to delete two of my comments on your pathetic excuse for an opinion.
    If you come within ten miles of a recognizable fact, you may want to let someone know. On second thought, you probably wouldn’t recognize it. If nobody has had the common sense to point this out before, the idiocy you are peddling is libelous and false, with no factual support or understanding of how actual humans behave in a democracy.
    Your bio says you are a mother of two – I sincerely pity your poor children with an ignorant mental and moral cripple like you to raise them.
    Oh, and have a nice day. Enjoy President Obama’s America, if you can.


  5. Flash, she’s already drank the Kool Aid and is unreachable. Unfortunately it will be whack-jobs like her that will make Obama’s first term all-too-interesting, at least for the secret service.



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