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Change We Can Believe In

Scott Reid at The Globe and Mail has written, I think, an excellant essay on why Harper has to go .( ) I don’t know how the rest of you feel about the current instability in our Parliment but I know how I feel about it. Every word Reid has written is true. At a time of a looming catastrophic economic crisis he has chosen to ignore it and play vindictive power games in Parliment. I would add to Reid’s column by saying that Harper believes in nothing so much as that he should be the Prime Minister and that the driving force in his life is to destroy anything that gets in the way of his holding of power. Consequences to the nation can be buggered, as long as he gets to be the guy in charge. The man is no more than a schoolyard bully and just this once the opposition parties remembered that they own spines and stood up to him. And he blinked. Then he sent out a lackey to tell us that he really didn’t mean it and why’s everyone so worked up anyway? Although, I’ve got to say, I’m impressed by Baird’s ability to fill the role of Harper’s trusted lackey. The only way he would be more suitable is if they stuck a hunch on his back and renamed him Igor.   

Whether this is the start of a new dynamic for the opposition parties and I certainly hope it is, remains to be seen. Personally, I’m convinced that for the good of the country, hell, for the good of the Conservative party, he should be no more than a backbencher at worst and a private citizen at best. It’s likely that after this latest high-grade miscalculation the knives will start to come out for him within the Conservative party. The rest of us need to start protesting in the streets because, credit where it’s due, the bastard has proved himself to be very good at changing with the wind. He needs some very visible and forceful winds to see how the majority of us feel right now.  

 Neocons, feel free to release your frothing hounds of blithering partisan anger. You can’t all be screaming “Treason” on the CBC’s website and I’ve been dealing with Navy officers all weekend. I could use a good punch-up.

Doug has spoken. He awaits your replies

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Carleton University is a nest of useless tools…

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Germany Motor Show Preview

Sven couldn’t understand why his plan to switch to a motorcycle to save gas wasn’t paying off.

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A La Prochaine Fois!

They’re baaaaack!


Jean Chretien and Ed Broadbent, in my opinion two of the best political minds Canada has produced, are rumored to be brokering a deal to create a coalition government in response to the Conservative’s continuing insistence on ignoring what is, to all accounts, a global economic crisis. Instead of actually proposing some stimulus for the economy, Harper and his cronies decided to make sure they’d be the only ones with enough money to carry on an election, should one occur. That particular hamfisted magnum opus has since vanished from the economic update, but the point remains: this is no time for gamesmanship – this is serious business, and the Conservatives are displaying a complete lack of comprehension of the seriousness of this economic downturn.

Canada may be in a somewhat better position than some other nations, thanks to some built-in protections, but this is not something that can be or should be used as a political lever to retain power. One Conservative, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, actually insisted that lowering the GST by ONE POINT way before this problem became apparent except to a few bright minds means that they are somehow responding appropriately. Sorry, I don’t think so, thanks for playing. Why is the Foreign Affairs Minister  commenting on this anyway? Was he the only one who managed to slip off the leash long enough to comment before Harper activated the shock collar?

It’s time to call the bluff. Let’s make Parliament functional again, by hitting Harper where it hurts most: his blind ambition. I wish Jean Chretien and Ed Broadbent success, and, more importantly, I wish my country success as well. Monday can’t come soon enough, for once.

It’s a Fervent Flash Fact.

Update: The CBC site reports that the Liberals will try to bring down the government through a non-confidence motion on Monday. This should be fun.

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C.F.: Correctness Futile

I realize I’m a little behind the times on this, but life, as John Lennon once said, is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. Travel and a touch of illness have prevented me from ringing in on this topic, but I hope it’s better late than never.

Let me, in the interests of full disclosure, make one thing clear before I begin: I am a white male. This has not, to my knowledge, influenced my opinion of the events below to any great extent. If I am wrong, I am willing to be corrected – at the very least, I’m willing to have a discussion of the subject in question, and I would encourage comments.

To the point: the Carleton University Student Union vote to drop Shinerama as a fundraising activity in support of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Here is the motion that was voted on, in the CUSA’s own words:

Whereas Orientation week strives to be inclusive as possible

Whereas all orientees and volunteers should feel like their fundraising efforts will serve their diverse communities

And whereas cystic fibrosis has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men

Be it further resolved that: The CUSA representatives on the incoming Orientation Supervisory Board work to select a new broad reaching charity for orientation week.

Ummm… What? My first thought upon reading this was, “They can’t be serious. This is a joke, right?” Sadly, no. Apparently, the fight against the historical white male hegemony legitimately includes the right (nay, the duty!) to refuse to canvass for funds that would cure a particular disease, due to the fact (entirely wrong) that the white male oppressor is the primary victim. I suppose, if you can’t defeat them ideologically, just let ’em die. I acknowledge that the CUSA has apologised for this boneheaded move, but I’d like to try to understand what would motivate such a decision in the first place, if possible.

First of all, a university would be one of the last places that I would expect to see decisions made based on incomplete or clearly flawed information. A simple visit to the CCFF website would seem to be in order. Nowhere on the CCFF site does it indicate anything in regard to incidence of the disease based on racial or sexual characteristics. The information gathered, if any, must have come from somewhere else, probably the deep recesses of some radical tree-hugger’s mind.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly to my mind: what would it matter if the information were correct? Does the ‘fact’ that white males are afflicted make the disease any less serious or worthy of a cure? In the interests of some dogmatic pursuit of ‘Diversity’, are you willing to devalue the lives of individuals whom you judge as unworthy due to their skin color? Prostate cancer can, logically, only affect males – is it therefore sexist to refuse to search for a cure, or to raise money for that search? In a decision like this, which was the crucial criterion that tipped the balance toward support – whiteness or maleness?

I, as a sociologist, and as a person who has read with interest on a wide range of historic topics, understand and support the understanding that the ‘white’ race as a whole was responsible for atrocities, genocides and many other terrible acts. In addition, I recognize that the male sex (not gender – that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of clams) has been responsible, and continues to be responsible around the globe, for oppression of women, denial of rights, and other egregious violations. These facts are not in dispute. But do these facts alone make a disease ‘tolerable’ if it effects only members of the above two groups?

Consider the following: Sickle-Cell Anaemia, a blood disorder which seriously limits life expectancy, is found almost exclusively among natives and descendents of  populations from sub-saharan Africa. Under a similar rationale, using a lack of ‘disease diversity’, the fact that it effects members of one race, this disease would also be excluded from any fundraising efforts at CU. Is this a valid decision? Is this any more or less tolerable because the race in question is different? I would say, emphatically, no.

I don’t have an answer, and I’m sure people will take exception with an extreme example. My point is that this type of decision, whatever the motivation, is wrongheaded and shows just how far dogmatic pursuit of any goal or any ideology can do nothing but damage the society it purports to help. Political correctness, taken to illogical and prejudicial extremes, does not rectify or balance the crimes and outrages of the past – it creates and rationalizes new ones.

Apology or not, this is a black mark on universities in many peoples’ minds. Before the CUSU decides to raise money to cure any disease, they had better try to cure their own sickness first.

It’s a Fundamental Flash Fact.

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