2008 US election

Excuse the profanities, but this shit is starting to hurt my head…

Can we stop this bull about taxes being socialist, please? Barack Obama is not a socialist. He is, unfortunately, not even nearly the socialist that I think the US needs, regardless of what that old tool, young tard, or thick not-plumber say he is. I am not sure what is more pathetic, that the McCain campaign thinks people are stupid enough to believe it or that enough Republican sycophants are echoing it in the hope that people *do* believe it.

Taxes, by their nature, redistribute wealth. They redistribute it into programs, infrastructure, defense, justice, all the things government needs to do to be a government. For fuck sakes, when I buy a coffee, I’m redistributing my meager wealth – there is nothing weird or new about any of this – wealth is only wealth when it’s redistributed. What Obama is talking about is talking about giving more money back, to the same fucking people that are whining about socialism, GAAAAH! I’ve had enough already! I mean, we’ve got “reporters” quoting Karl Marx to Joe Biden, for fucks sake. This is partisan bullshit, a foma that has become the wampeter of the McCain granfaloon.

If this bullshit wins enough votes that McCain wins the campaign, I give up. This election should not even be close – just can’t fucking believe this.

-kvd tired out


2 thoughts on “Excuse the profanities, but this shit is starting to hurt my head…

  1. Good article, Dan. I wish the old fucker had the balls to declare a flat rate tax and be done with it. Fuck, why hold at a flat rate, that still has the rich paying more (absolutely) than the poor, let’s have a head tax. That would punish the poor, middle, and upper classes equally in absolute terms and would come pretty close to not “redistributing”.

    McCain – show us you have a pair and declare a head tax or shut your motherfucking piehole. It is just blather and I’m fed up with it. I hope the electorate treats the Necropublicans to a drubbing like Canada did the Tories in ’93. You assholes deserve it.


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