2008 US election

Stick a fork in the Necros…

It will be a long few days for John McCain. He has a minor rebellion on his hands as aides and backroomers take pot-shots at Sarah Palin (“diva”, “whack job”, etc.), polls show that his pick of VP is not well respected, and traditionally red states, include his own, Arizona, are turning purple before his watery, blinky, myopic eyes. There is almost no hope, outside of election chicanery, that he’s going to be able to hold on to most, let alone all of the Bush states. (And we know that nothing untoward and anti-democratic could happen this time, right?) Things have gotten so bad that it is looking like he even has to push hard this weekend in Arizona to win his home state.

The only hope, and this is a sick fucking thing to say, I know, the only hope the Republicans have is if they can keep people from voting. It’s too bad for McCain that Charlie Crist in Florida is pissed that he threw the VP bonie to Bible Spice, and has peevishly extended the voting hours so more people can get out to the advance polls. The nerve of that craven son of a bitch! Imagine, a Republican (of all things), trying to make an election democratic. Sheesh – has Criss learned nothing from TurdBlossom?

State governments elsewhere, unfortunately, don’t appear to be following suit.

I hate to kick a conservative dick when he’s down, so I’ll just, ah fuck, who am I kidding?

Ron Reagan’s son endorses Barack Obama.

Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff endorses Barack Obama.

Have a nice weekend, John and Sarah. Oh, and Sarah, you might want to take seriously any television offers thrown your way. Ask Geralding Ferraro, John Edwards, Joe Liebermann, and Dan Quayle how the run for president went after losing their kick at the veep seat. I guess it’s back to burning books and booking per diem’s for staying home.

Oh, and Nancy, let’s practice this together, shall we? “President Obama. President Barack Obama. President Barack Hussein Obama.

-kvd out


3 thoughts on “Stick a fork in the Necros…

  1. After doing a fact check I found that Cindy Mc Cain has cocian bust on here record. Why is isn’t the media using that. Now some GOP wing nuts are using Rev. Wirght in attacks ads. Is all can do is attack. They can not stick to the issuses.
    One thing Governor Palin thrift shot is called ” out of the closet” I shopped at one Los Angeles and the money goes to people with AIDS. Why isn’t any one else picking up on this kind of double standard


  2. One of the problems with the media is that they are like kids – they have short attention spans. Cindy McCain’s cocaine problem was years ago and was been known for many years – it’s old news much like the Keating scandal that nearly ended McCain’s career. Yes, they tried to cover up her coke use, but it was discovered and it’s in the past. Barack Obama admitted to drug use in his teens, though he appears to not have gotten addicted and didn’t actually get caught. He copped to it in his book three or four years ago, and it is no longer news, either. These things aren’t new, so they aren’t news.

    As for the “Out of the Closet” shop, I’m not sure what issue you are referring to. It turns out that there is a shop with this name in Alaska, but there is another shop with the same name in California. I believe the California shop has trademarked the name and the one in Alaska is now in trouble and has to change their name (Thanks, Sarah!).


  3. On Sarah Palin’s future, I see two scenario’s:

    It’s possible that Mark Evanier is right, and Sarah Palin’s quit trying for Dick Cheney’s job and is now aiming for Ann Coulter’s

    The other scenario, and personally it’s the one I’m hoping for is that Rush Limbaugh et al. have apparently decided that the upcoming loss is McCain’s fault for being too moderate. In this world, the primary goes to (tada!) Palin. I’m kind of hoping for this one, since the storms of shitting myself laughing will do a pretty good job of cleansing…


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