2008 US election

The first thing for Tuesday’s winner to deal with

I can’t help but think that anyone still claiming to be “undecided” on the presidential race is, as Jon Stewart and John Oliver claim, “stupid”. However, in the event that they are not and that real-world issues can reach them without getting drowned out by McCain slime (“did you know he’s a Muslim?”) this weekend, I present the first thing the new president is going to have to deal with, the economy.

The Daily Mail reports that many of the major banks involved in the bailout are simply using the bailout cash to finance their continuing performance bonuses. Performance?

In the meantime (mean times?), the US debt has rocketed over one trillion dollars in four months.

If you were thinking that two losing wars, a shattered international reputation, and a smoking hole where the job market used to be isn’t enough of a legacy for Bush to leave to his successor, add an economy that more resembles a steaming pile of shit without so much as a shovel to deal with it.

Someone tell me again, why is this election even close? Are people really this fucking stupid?

-kvd outraged


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