2008 US election, Bush, Sarah Palin

Damn that faint praise

There’s an interesting article on Salon today about the pre-election state of the New Life Church, the megachurch once run by Ted “Oh you’re so bad!” Haggard. The article itself is interesting, but there is a great quote in there from one of the congregants about their support for Sarah Palin and an unintentional swipe at George Bush (emphasis mine):

Palin, unlike her running mate, had managed to get New Life worshipers excited. (She will hold a rally in Colorado Springs on Monday night.) “I’m crazy about Sarah, she’s my girl,” said Karolyn O’Brien, who was from California, visiting her niece. For that matter, she was also “crazy about” Bush. “I love him,” she said. “I think the history of the times dictated his leadership. He could only go by the advice he had from the experts, and I’m sure he did the best he could.”

“I’m sure he did the best he could”: the kind of praise given to the kid that just couldn’t quite measure up at the science far / Kub Kar Rally. I just love it. Have we had enough of voting for people that we think we share some kind of bond with rather than someone smart who will help fix a badly screwed up nation?

…noting that Sarah Palin was the only conservative on the national ticket. “She is totally awesome,” McDowell said. “She is us. And she’s a Christian.”

Rats, thought there was some hope there.

Vote smart, he’s going to be president, not your drinking or bowling buddy. Besides, how good a drinking buddy are they going to be? Sure his wife owns a beer company, but it makes dog piss, and all he’s going to do is drone on and on about being a maverick and getting tortured for his country for five and a half years. As for her, well she’s going to make you buy (and ask for the receipt later) and then is just going to prattle on and on about how wonderful it is to see Russia from your doorstep. Waste of a good night out all around.

-kvd out

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