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What If You Gave a Rally and Nobody Came?

I wonder if John McCain is a little worried after about 1,000 people showed up for a rally in Tampa – at a venue that was supposed to hold ten times that (and those that did show up didn’t get signs, which were to be provided) . Compare that to the 80,000 who showed up for the Barack Obama/Bruce Springsteen duet in Cleveland, and it makes you think that the rank and file of the GOP have realized that it’s not even worth showing up anymore.

Self-proclaimed “Redneck Woman” (when did that become a source of pride?) Gretchen Wilson only managed to bring in about 3,000 people to a free concert/Republican circle jerk in Canton, Ohio. Even in Columbus, Ohio, Gov. Arnie Schwarzenegger only helped McCain half-fill a hockey arena that even Dubya managed to fill once upon a time. Ohio is looking less and less like a battleground, and more and more like, well, the scintillating centre of the universe that is, um, Ohio. Best and only thing I can think of about Ohio? WKRP was set there.

The Republican ticket is obviously becoming something akin to an old woman’s sexual organs – we know it’s there, but we quite frankly don’t care, and would prefer not to think about it.

“Baby, if you’ve ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me…”

It’s a Failing Flash Fact.


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