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What’s the word I’m looking for?

What can you call them? The California Republican Party is going after Barack Obama for not reimbursing his party for the use of their campaign jet to visit his grandmother a week and a half ago on the same day that she dies.

Oh yeah, fucking douche bags.

Get out and vote tomorrow – these goddamned bastards don’t deserve a single fucking electoral vote.

-kvd out


18 thoughts on “What’s the word I’m looking for?

  1. That is absolutely breathtakingly abominable, awful, detestable, distasteful, foul, ghastly, hateful, hideous, horrid, horrific, loathsome, lousy, monstrous, nasty, nauseating, objectionable, obnoxious, odious, offensive, outrageous, repellent, repugnant, revolting, rotten, scandalous, shameless, shocking, sleazy, stinking, vile and vulgar.

    I’m Thesaurus.com, and I approved this message.


  2. Gentlemen if this shocks you then do a little surfing of some right-wing blogs to see some true, needs-a-good-long-tasering douchbagery. The amount of people who “see something suspicious” in the timing of the death of Obama’s grandmother actually shocks me, both at their number and their loathsomeness. I will say that to their credit the moderators at lucianne.com, a right wing version of TPM, removed their whole post when it became apparent that it’s comment section was being filled by those who seem to that believe Obama planned his grandmothers death for a push in the polls. Disdain isn’t a strong enough emotion for these fucktards but I will say that if I came across one of these people unconscious and bleeding in the street, the only thing that would prevent me from pissing on them for my own amusement would be if they also happened to be on fire. They’re making it easy for me to enjoy the wailing and dispair that they’ll soon be occupied with though.


  3. Dan – There are few people keener than James Fallows, so there might be something to it. As for you, Doug, I just tried to read your comment to my wife and was rendered to teary laughter and could not finish.


  4. You’ll notice that one thing that didn’t shock me was their generalized cluelessness and slavish devotion to their received talking points. Screw Obama. If I ever get myself elected it’ll be tasers for everyone. However, I’ll get to decide who’s on which end. It’ll be a hard day for some at Fox news when I get to make that decision. Won’t be too pleasant at the National Post’s office either. And for that matter, where are those fuckwads from the atlantica co-prosperity sphere holed up at?


  5. I thought the coming kogrevolution was to install Kevvy as PM/Pres-for-life, and that Doug was going to get the Ministry of defence? Do I still get the Ministry of the interior? If so, sorry Doug, but tard-tazering is in MY portfolio.


  6. Ah, then, Flash, you don’t mind working for me… Welcome aboard!

    Of course we can always bring Doug in too, by declaring martial law. In such a case, he’ d have to decide whether his lot would prefer tasers, or just shooting the idiots.


  7. They twitch a lot more with tasers. A good soundtrack, and you’ve got ready-made YouTube videos.

    BTW, why is the Ministry of the Interior in charge of all the stuff outdoors? Just asking.


  8. Interior-of-the-country/ nation of Canmerida Flash…. Do I have to explain everything? *sigh* Quality underlings are SO hard to find these days.

    Oh, Dan, how many tasers will the study require?


  9. We’ll acquire the requisite number of tasers, whatever you write into your proposal. As for test subjects… our experimental design will deterine the number of subjects required. Do they ALL have to be Fox news? Are Harper/ Mccain-Palin campaign workers suitable?


  10. Sure, since they’re pretty much the same thing. Speaking of Harper supporters, do you suppose there’s any chance that President Obama will let us have Conrad Black as part of a prisoner-work program?


  11. I say Flash has “mastered” the “air quotes”. Perhaps he has been John McCain’s secret speech “writer”?

    Thanks for the nomination, guys, but by the sounds of it the real money in this little distopia is going to be in the manufacture of tasers. I’ll get to work on electrifying air and get back to you.


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