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A Helpful Message to Republicans – Better Late Than Never


While I, along with my compatriots, respect and encourage the democratic process, I’d just like to sum up my thoughts on the last-minute shenanigans by the Republican Party in the United States.

First of all, if the type of people who would follow you are the type of people that respond positively to racism, homophobia, violence or threats of violence, innuendo and simplistic, thoughtless false black/white dichotomies, then you can do me a favor: join hands in solidarity and pride, and jump the fuck off the nearest cliff. Don’t worry, after you hit bottom, I’m sure nobody will be willing to extend socialized health care to save your life.

Second, through your particular style of campaigning and monster-shouting,  you have taught me a lot. No, seriously. As a sociologist by training, I really appreciate the repeated examples of cognitive dissonance. That’s a polite way to express my disbelief that somebody could be so willfully ignorant of the world around them – not referring to another version of the world, like a ‘liberal view’ or anything like that, but the real world. The one in which it’s not ok to infer that the death of someone’s grandmother was a political ploy to gain sympathy  (I’ve lost two of my three (long story) grandmothers in the last 2 years, and it’s a heart-wrenching experience, I can assure you). The one in which it’s not ok to suggest that someone is a terrorist based on someone being in the same room with one (and not a terribly effective one, at that) several years ago.

True story: As a teenager, during and just after high school, I worked in a t-shirt store in Sydney, NS. If any of you remember the Donald Marshall Jr. saga, he was convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, but ultimately released – the real murderer, Roy Newman Ebsary, was caught and convicted of the crime, many years after the fact. Ebsary was being sought by the police during my time at the t-shirt store, and in fact, he hid from police in the store while I was working – I had no idea who he was, being an idiot teenager at the time. My point is this: by your logic, I am a murderer, based purely on the chance encounter while a real murderer was fleeing police. Being fully aware of the wrong you are doing, while insisting it is the right and noble thing to do, is breathtakingly stupid.

Third, and most important, you seem to be under the impression that you are defending the moral high ground, keeping America safe from those who would destroy it. Let me tell you now: you are, in fact, doing the exact polar opposite. Through lies, innuendo, threats of violence, name-calling, and outright slander, you are showing yourselves to be among the least principled, most morally corrupt group that your country has ever seen. Take pride in what America was supposed to be about – freedom from tyranny, acceptance, innovation, industry and hope, and reflect these values by your actions – stop labelling and name-calling and implying corruption while attempting (poorly) to cover up your own. During the course of the election, rather than becoming hopeful about the end of the Dubya years, I am fearful that the election will be stolen by the unscrupulous, and America will be marched to ruin in the name of prejudice and hatred. I am sickened, and, for what it’s worth, disappointed.

This is far too late to have any positive or negative effect, assuming it ever would anyway. Nevertheless, I felt the need to vent, in hopes that I can expunge the bitterness I feel and start feeling optimistic again.

Best of luck,



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