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Karl Rove owes me $100.00

A week ago the owner of this fine blog offered to bet me $100.00 that Obama would lose. His theory was that the pack of bastards that have run the republican party for the last eight years would ,in combination with an inherent racism in Americans, steal the election by various underhanded means. I thought about it for a few seconds and decided that I to trust the republicans to be thieving douchebags. My money would be better invested in whisky. If Karl and his band of fascists had never existed or been so efficent at their job as the devil’s asswiping handmaidens, I’d be up 100 bucks. The turdblossom owes me this money. Granted both Kevvy and I are overjoyed that we were wrong and I’d have only spent the money on single malt (so it was a zero sum game of sorts) but still, if Rove wasn’t so efficient at his evil work I’d have taken that bet.

As an aside, my posting skills aren’t what they will be but I wanted to head this, my inaugural post, with foxnews’s photo captioned “President Obama”, solely because I and the readers of Blevkog would revel in the irony. I urge you all to go there now, look at said photo and, like Stewie Griffin, draw strength fron their anguish.

                                                                                                                        Doug Has Spoken

2 thoughts on “Karl Rove owes me $100.00

  1. Normally, I’d say that Karl Rove is going to be too busy on legal fees to pay you, but I’m sure he’s going to be on the top of a long list of pardons Dubya’s going to be issued over the next several weeks.


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