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Sarah 2012!

The election of Barack Obama did far more than put the better candidate in the big chair – it kept a woefully bad one out. The details that have begun coming out regarding how unprepared* Sarah Palin was to hold the vice-presidency are astounding. Even Fox “News” is in on it. Go watch.

  • Palin could not name the countries in NAFTA. (Hint: there are only three, and one of them was right behind her when she was looking at Russia from her doorstep)
  • She did not know that Africa was a continent
  • She could not name the countries in North America
  • She didn’t know the basic breakdown of civil, state, and federal responsibilities, which is particularly damning having held head office in two of them!

I think that one of my favorite bits in the video is the bit when O’Reilly seems to be saying that “all that stuff can be learned”, as if the main issue was that she didn’t know a few details, as if her lack of knowledge of basic Grade 3 geography was the result of a lack of exposure, when in fact the real problem is that she is simply not interested enough to learn just about anything. Can you imagine what he would say if she was running on the Democratic ticket?

New gameshow idea – Do You Know More Than Sarah Palin?, in which the contestants are asked basic questions and the prettiest one is chosen the winner at the end. No good? I guess it would get old after a while.

* That’s me being kind.

-kvd out


10 thoughts on “Sarah 2012!

  1. How can she not have known all that stuff? I understand that she reads all of the newspapers!

    At least this puts the lie on all that crap about Conservatives not being able to expect “do-overs” and “off the record” from the media the way Dion and the Liberals apparently expect it.


  2. This week’s Newsweek has some interesting tidbits from both campaigns. They mention what one McCain staffer called “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast”. I guess her whole family is entitled to her entitlements. The secret service was getting very antsy towards the end of the campaign, too, because of the lunatic fringe (otherwise known as the Republican bas) creating an atmosphere where domestic threats against Obama had to be taken very seriously.


  3. Can you explain to me how your Obama All Mighty said there were 57 states??? He’s either very dumb….. or 57 Islamic states were on his mind. Either way….. way scary!


  4. Debbie – when did he say that? Do you have a URL? Even if he did say it, I would be concerned if other statements of his proved him to be an idiot, but they haven’t. On the contrary, he’s very, very measured and intelligent, at least such that I’ve seen.

    As for the “Islamic states” reference, you have given yourself away as one of the fools so easily cowed by the “look there’s a muslim, boo!” that works so easily and well among the rednecked.


  5. Well, Kev, turns out he
    did say it, in a manner of speaking – if you look at the video embedded in the Snopes site, he obviously looks tired, and meant to say ’47’ instead of ’57’. Mind you, this is like the upteenth time I’ve seen a right-winger bring this gaffe up, which would indicate a few things:

    a. Obama ran a fairly tight campaign, if this was the only mistake he made during the whole campaign for people like Debbie to use this against him, or

    b. People like Debbie can only hang on to one simple idea at a time and think that repeating it ‘ad infinitum’ will make people believe them….


  6. Thanks for the link, Dan, I hadn’t heard this one. It’s even more pathetic when you see the context.

    Whatever it takes to keep wingnuts happy and off the streets.

    If this one of the few fuckups he made during the campaign, and it *barely* deserves the word, how many do you think John McCain made? Had anyone made a tally? This kind of shit, from McCain or Obama, I just write off as due to exhaustion – campaigning like that for basically two years has got to be brutal.

    Palin is a different story – she never said a word that sounded sensible unless it was on a script.


  7. Never mind McCain – how many ‘mis-speakings’ did *Bush* utter in his time in office? But yeah, stuff like this is to be expected during a campaign – or heck, anytime – God knows I’d hate to be followed around by a film crew for 2 years straight….


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