2008 US election

Something rotten in the State of Alaska

Funny math in the senate and congress selections (Huff post)

I claimed earlier that the Republican “steal your vote” tactic didn’t work this year, because of increased scrutiny on questionable practices from Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. Just because the Necros didn’t steal the big election, doesn’t mean that no hanky-panky occured on a state-by-state basis. While the link above is mostly conjecture, it does make one solid point: A Congress contest flipped in 4 days from being an 8-point lead for the Democrat to being an 8-point lead for the Republican. That’s quite a shift. Convicted felon Ted Stevens (R) also enjoyed a large shift (from being down about 6 to winning his seat back by a few thousand votes. I submit that this is possible, if people saw him as unfairly persecuted, rather than as the corrupt slimebag he likely is. Possible, but not expected. It also is very suspicious that Alaska’s overall voter turnout decreased, given the record turnout in the rest of the country, and the record number of newly registered voters. Curious.

Perhaps some unexpected victories (R or D) should be looked at in other states. Remember that both parties were obsessed with the magic number of 60 for the senate…the Dems had this goal in mind, and the Necros desperately wanted to prevent it.

/Mr. Suspicious (Briguy)


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