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I Disagree…

bus…With the use of the word ‘probably’.

From my new favorite cause, I would gladly belong to any club that had Richard Dawkins as a member.

It’s a Freethinking Flash Fact.


6 thoughts on “I Disagree…

  1. I can agree with that.

    Of course this begs the question, what is God?

    Technically I can’t be an ‘atheist’ because that would require an ontological definition of what God is and even believers cannot define what God is.

    Thus I cannot argue against something that even proponents cannot define.

    That in an of itself means those who believe in something the cannot define (yet can somehow know what it thinks based on the scribblings of bronze aged Middle Eastern mystics) are truly delusional.

    Its a Nit-picky Mike Fact.



  2. Thanks for the comment, as always, Mike – an interesting take on the idea, although I respectfully disagree. I consider myself an atheist, without qualification.
    I take ‘god’ in the (I suppose) common dictionary meaning: a supernatural, all-powerful being. It doesn’t matter what his/her/its name is, I don’t believe that he/she/it exists. Which one someone would consider to be the ‘true’ or ‘right’ example is irrelevant.
    It’s a useful trope in fantasy fiction, but it’s unnecessary to invoke the idea when describing the universe or the natural phenomena therein.
    I do admire the fact that you’ve given this some obvious deep thought, nit-picky or not.


  3. I love it!

    It’s interesting what some will do with the definition of “god” in order to get it to somehow fit into reality. Whether god is a bearded guy on a cloud, a pan-dimensional being of pure mischief, a force of love, whatever, I don’t buy it. You can define it as broadly as you want, but at some point the definition just becomes silly and until it becomes “god = the laws of physics” I ain’t gonna believe it.


  4. Well, that all being said, I still go by the atheist label myself, for lack of a better one.

    I just saw some pretty interesting videos by ProfMTH on youtube and they got me thinking…

    “a supernatural, all-powerful being”

    Indeed, but that still doesn’t define what it is, it merely describes secondary characteristics. It like saying the definition of Flash is “rude” and “flaccid”…you may well be both rude and flaccid, but that still doesn’t tell me what you are…

    Kev, yes, when I first saw this, I thought it was brilliant in its simplicity and elegance. And a catch 22 for believers – the more explicit they are, the easier their ‘god’ is to prove false. The less explicit, the more nonsensical the idea.

    I have often told theists that while strictly I cannot disprove the existence of ‘god’, I can certain state that the God depicted in the Bible or the Qu’ran (entirely through anthropomorphized secondary characteristics) doesn’t exist…


  5. I am many things, but I’m not flaccid.:)
    Actually, it’s not your job to disprove god, it’s the theists’ job, and their responsibility, to prove that it does exist. Karl Popper (and many others) always said that you can’t prove a negative. James Randi also said that ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof’. Don’t tell me the sunrise is proof either – I got Occam’s Razor on my side to cut away the supernatural horse hockey.
    Always like hearing from you, Mike – you’re challenging.


  6. I rather like Bertrand Russell’s “celestial teapot” allegory. Merely postulating that a teapot is orbiting the sun does not require that I have to be able to disprove it’s existence in order to believe it not there. God(s)/god(s)/Goddess(es)/goddess(es) are teapots.

    Or, as Hitchen’s puts it: “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

    (Thanks for the quote, Dan!)


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