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Demilitarized Zone

The New York Times, and others, are reporting this morning on a case in Germany in which doctors have claimed to cure a man of the AIDS virus by means of a transplant of stem cells, said cells coming from a donor who has a natural immunity to the virus. While promising, doctors assert that the procedure is extremely impractical on a large scale – what it will most likely lead to is better drug treatments for persons with AIDS.

I must say that breakthroughs like this are encouraging, and an example of an extremely positive effect of scientific methodology which will, with more diligent scientific work, result in a better quality of life for people effected by AIDS worldwide.

From a philosophical standpoint, this represents something much more symbolic. By achieving the cure through natural means, you have invalidated one of the narrow-minded dogmatic weapons in the fundamentalist bigot’s arsenal.

Premise A: AIDS is a natural phenomenon, a virus, which is interpreted by religious zealots to be something created by god with the specific purpose of punishing those who are vulnerable.

Premise B: The cure for AIDS is stem cells, which occur naturally in the human body under certain circumstances – which also must, by definition, be interpreted by the religious zealot as having been created by god.

Think about it: now that this cure has been found, no matter how limited the current application, I can, in all sincerity, stand next to the idiot holding the sign that says that “AIDS is god’s judgment on homosexuals”, with my own sign, which says:

“Based on your own personal worldview, god has also provided a cure for the alleged judgment, which in all honesty makes your dearly-held belief system seem remarkably like it is based on a waffling, indecisive deity – not at all a quality to be admired in an all-powerful cosmic being. If not indecisive, your god has either decided that AIDS was a mistake, in which case he/she/it created the cure, or he/she/it accidentally provided  the cure for the judgment. The inescapable conclusions are that your deity is profoundly fallible, or, despite your devotion, inattentive, or both.”


Figure 1: Dumbass.

The extra money on bristol board will be worth it. Nothing is more satisfying than using the bigot’s belief against them.

It’s a Forceful Flash Fact.

6 thoughts on “Demilitarized Zone

  1. You’re a little late to the party here, don’t you think? This is a two-year old thread. We’ve found many other things to rail on about. Also, we’re pretty much all heathens here at this blog. We disagree with religion in all its colourful variants and delusions. Don’t go making assumptions based on utter lack of knowledge. Although I guess you’re no stranger to that, are you?
    And before I forget, why the emphasis on Islam? Do you have a soft spot for Zoroastrism or something? Or do you just show intolerance and hatred toward that specific religion.


  2. Of course *true* bravery is to be found by sniping comments under an assumed name, right Rome? Actually, Doug`s right – if you`d bothered to check, you`d see that Islam comes in for it`s fair share of bashing on this blog – but of course that would have involved doing actual research, and judging from your nom de guerre (let me guess – Catholic?) and the time and effort you must have put into coming up with it, I`m thinking instant gratification is more your thing.
    Nice try, Doug, but somehow I doubt Rome`ll be back – their MO is to find these threads using Googlesearch, drop these little snipes, and then scurry away from the lights – yet another reason Rome`s `coward` ad hom is so ironic.
    Just one point – we`re *all* heathens here? I`m sure Donna`ll be fascinated to hear that about me…


  3. Well, I did qualify it with “pretty much”. No offence meant of course. In any case I agree with you. Our buddy Rome has long since scurried away to search for new targets from deep within the safe and comforting darkness. My fond but faint hope is that someday one of these internet masturbators will actually come back. If that should happen I figure that I’m just setting the ground rules. The rest of you guys are much better at the reasoned argument thing. I hang around because I like fighting fire with fire. These guys never expect it and maybe someday I’ll get the opportunity to metaphorically swing at them outside of meatspace. A man can dream.


  4. Actually, as paradoxical as it may sound, Rome, my intolerance extends to all forms of intolerance… regardless of the source. Religions of all stripes are just the most obvious and consistent targets. Case in point: referring to me by using a patently negative character trait (“coward”), without actually knowing me or anything about me besides the fact that I obviously disagree with your worldview. Does this scream tolerance to you? Are you holding yourself up as an example of reasonable christianity?
    Wait… I suppose in a way you are. To the same extent that I can claim to be a fucking unicorn.

    I may have been away too long, gentlemen… I’ve got more outrage saved up… 🙂


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