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If I may apologize for my comrades.

Let Jesus' radiance envelop your porch

Repent, heathen brethren! Buy this now! (h/t to Rising Hegemon)

– A truly amazed and horrified Briguy


6 thoughts on “If I may apologize for my comrades.

  1. It is the correct symbol for the Christmas holiday,but, after reading the write-up it sounds like something up there with “pope-on-a-rope” soap! Get yours and be next to godlyness! Ugh!

    It is unfortunate that commercialism gets in the way of Christmas, or any other winter holiday celebration.


  2. I’ll admit, when I first saw the pic, I thought it was on fire. Which makes it extra special in the deep south this holiday season.


  3. Does anyone know if I can get one of these with a clock in it? Until now I had always thought that the inherent tackiness of those plastic “The Last Supper” pictures from what I assumed was Davinci’s lesser known 3D period couldn’t be topped, at least in the religious paraphenalia market. Obviously I was wrong. I will now pray to my dashboard jesus for forgiveness.


  4. For anyone that doesn’t understand Doug’s reference to the clock, it relates to a discussion we had a few years ago about whether or not something could be so ugly that even the addition of a clock to it couldn’t make it tackier. Such an object would, we surmised, have crossed an event horizon and might, on it’s own, begin producing Elvis memorabilia or lacquered things with wolves on them.

    It is a chilling thought.


  5. having seen, long ago, a statuette of E.T. with a clock in it’s belly, let me add my vote to the ‘it’s always uglier with a clock’ side.


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