Teaching an old dog new tricks

What is the first major transformation in the United States as power changes hands to the Obama Administration? Why, it’s Fox News, of course! ED Hill, the turd that coined, or at least popularized the term “terrorist fist jab” when referring to the knuckle tap Michelle and Barack Obama did on stage during the primaries (but not when baseball players do it), has lost her job. Combined with other reports that indicate a strained relationship between Rupert Murdoch and his pet network, I see a pattern.

Fox News, which made it’s money by toadying up to the Bush administration, becoming it’s defacto mouthpiece, if it is to survive is going to have to become a real news agency, at least for eight years. There is no chance that they can change quickly enough to provide the same hand-maid service to the Obama Administration as it did Bush’s, and noone would take them seriously if they tried, but by angling more toward providing real coverage they have a chance at holding on to some of their market share. (Don’t worry, Greta, I said *more*, you’ll still likely keep your job).

My prediction – Fox will keep O’Reilly, as the wingnuts that watch his slot still buy Viagra and bladder control products, but we’ll see way more of Shepard Smith.

-kvd out

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