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A La Prochaine Fois!

They’re baaaaack!


Jean Chretien and Ed Broadbent, in my opinion two of the best political minds Canada has produced, are rumored to be brokering a deal to create a coalition government in response to the Conservative’s continuing insistence on ignoring what is, to all accounts, a global economic crisis. Instead of actually proposing some stimulus for the economy, Harper and his cronies decided to make sure they’d be the only ones with enough money to carry on an election, should one occur. That particular hamfisted magnum opus has since vanished from the economic update, but the point remains: this is no time for gamesmanship – this is serious business, and the Conservatives are displaying a complete lack of comprehension of the seriousness of this economic downturn.

Canada may be in a somewhat better position than some other nations, thanks to some built-in protections, but this is not something that can be or should be used as a political lever to retain power. One Conservative, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, actually insisted that lowering the GST by ONE POINT way before this problem became apparent except to a few bright minds means that they are somehow responding appropriately. Sorry, I don’t think so, thanks for playing. Why is the Foreign Affairs Minister  commenting on this anyway? Was he the only one who managed to slip off the leash long enough to comment before Harper activated the shock collar?

It’s time to call the bluff. Let’s make Parliament functional again, by hitting Harper where it hurts most: his blind ambition. I wish Jean Chretien and Ed Broadbent success, and, more importantly, I wish my country success as well. Monday can’t come soon enough, for once.

It’s a Fervent Flash Fact.

Update: The CBC site reports that the Liberals will try to bring down the government through a non-confidence motion on Monday. This should be fun.


One thought on “A La Prochaine Fois!

  1. I saw a headline this morning hinting at a possible coalition and figured that someone smarter than the current crop of Liberals and NDP had to be behind it.

    The game that the Tories are playing is deadly – they haven’t released any information about a stimulous package in their budget update and at the same time they throw in the Liberal-killing party funding clause to tempt them into an election. If they come out with a majority, they then lay out the real (presumably grim) budget situation and are set to continue the murderous “strangle the beast” policies that I know they have hidden quietly away. If they lose the election, the winners then get to be the ones to announce the truly horrid economic situation.


    As for Canada’s economic situation, it’s only as nice as the rest of the world’s. True, the banking system was largely protected from itself by regulation, but since we don’t actually make anything anymore, our economy will quickly suffer massive hits if other nations stop requiring raw materials.

    Seen the price of wood and oil lately?


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