general silliness

More Friday Silliness


I don’t know about you, but I’d say Gargamel is f*@ked.


The Bush Administration tries once more, for old times’ sake.


“Great, I can’t wait to meet your newOHMYGODWHATTHEF*@KISTHAT?!”


Yep, times are tough when you have to sell a perfectly good white lady.

Germany Motor Show Preview

Sven couldn’t understand why his plan to switch to a motorcycle to save gas wasn’t paying off.

4 thoughts on “More Friday Silliness

  1. Err – Flash? You do realize that the combo of posting a “I just found this blog” on an old post means Jack is probably a Spambot, right?


    1. Meh, whatever. I don’t discriminate just because somebody’s a robot. When they rebel and become our merciless overlords you’ll be wishing you were nice to them, too.


  2. Meh – I don’t particularly like people using the blog to pimp their company. Plus, it lakes us look kinda gullible, which doesn’t exactly fit in well with the “we’re skeptics” argument


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