Stephen Harper

Tonight’s topic of conversation…

As Stephen Harper suspends Parliament to save his own ass for the Christmas shopping season, he intends to fill the stocking of 18 lucky Conservative drones like-minded pols with Senate appointments. (Perfect for the budget-conscious guy with a long list of “friends”!)  This from the guy that promised Senate reform through elections. Chaulk another broken promise up to Hair Helmet, alongside fixed election dates and, um, accountability.

So, my Liberal friends, are we going to curb this guy January 27, or are we going to pull some back-room time-buying measure to guarantee The Party more time to get its fundraising back in order?


3 thoughts on “Tonight’s topic of conversation…

  1. Well, Kev,
    The reform states effectively that it is one man one vote to elect a senator. Since he is the only guy left in the house since he gave everyone a 6-week vacation with the GG’s stamp of approval, he voted to have these guys put into the senate. The vote is 1 for 0 against 307 abstained…. motion carried member ascends to the senate on a blue magic carpet.

    The sooner Hypocrate Harper is out the better!

    tongue in cheek,



  2. My initial thought is that the Coalition is dead in the water – Iggy seems to be luke-warm to the idea at best, and more and more Liberals, even the ones who publicly support it, seem to be taking the tack that a coailition is fine as long as the NDP and Bloc know their place. Which leads me to my disatisfaction with the whole affair – I’m not sure if it’s the back-room aspect of the leadership replacement debacle, or maybe it’s the fact that my English course has had me immersed in Hamlet for the past few weeks and I’ve been infected with melancholy from the Original Emo Kid, but it seems to me that the whole excitement of the thing has caused me to forget that there was a reason I didn’t vote Liberal in the last two elections, and my disatisfaction with the respective candidates was only part of it. They seem to have swallowed the whole ‘Natural Governing Party’ BS, and giving off this ‘We want your money, and your vote, but unless you’ve been in the Party for 10 or more years, we couldn’t give a shit about your opinion’ vibe. They haven’t dealt with the issues that caused Martin to only get in a Minority Government in the first place and instead are acting like some co-dependant spouse – “I know we’ve had problems, but look, we’ve got a new leader, so everything’s okay now, won’t you take us back?”


  3. I love it, Dan – the Liberal Party as co-dependant spouse! I’m of two minds on the coalition for similar reasons – I badly would like to see Harper clawed from office to prevent further corrosion, but I don’t trust the stability or the goals of the Liberal party as a coalition partner.

    In some ways, we have a pretty good situation right now – Harper and Harpalongs know that the opposition is able to pull them out of office and might well have the spine to do it should He step too far out of line, so there is potentially some hope for constructive talk between parties. Unfortunately, that’s not how it will work out. By reaching out to Ignatieff in a manner that’s exclusive of the other opposition parties, Harper has already revealed the next wedge he will play – peel the Liberals out of the coalition and *poof* back into effective majority he goes.

    Harper is just playing the leaders – he knew that Dion was scared, so he just threatened an election with every utterance, but Ignatieff doesn’t appear to be so easily frightened, so he’s got to butter him up a bit. It should be interesting.


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