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The Death of a Pin-Up Goddess


A cultural icon who led a difficult and painful life after her brief flirtation with fame and men everywhere in the 1950’s.

R.I.P., Bettie Page (1923-2008).


3 thoughts on “The Death of a Pin-Up Goddess

  1. It’s interesting – and a bit sad, that neither this obituary, or any of the others I’ve seen, make mention of the part Dave Stevens played in bringing her back to public attention and making sure she received the moneys owed her:

    Guess if you’re primarily known as a comic-book artist, they’d still rather not acknowledge your existance….


  2. Maybe I should have amended that to say if you were a comic-book artist who wasn’t working for either DC or Marvel, you don’t get no love. Otherwise, it’s a matter of opinion, granted most of Kirby’s art tended to emphasise the same facial types – very craggy, rock-jawed – I think that when you look at it for the period he worked in, it holds up pretty well. Besides, I’m willing to forgive him a lot just for the Fourth World work he did for DC Comics, as overused as Darkseid is, when properly utilized, he can be one of the best characters going….


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