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Mythbusters – Because This Shit Isn’t Going to Blow Up By Itself.

A friend of mine at work told me about this, but I just had to see it. I may never use Coffee Mate again…

Kari + explosions.What else does a guy need?

Best… Show… Ever.


10 thoughts on “Mythbusters – Because This Shit Isn’t Going to Blow Up By Itself.

  1. Not only do I agree with you Flash (and I’m a man with a professional love of things that explode) but the non-dairy creamer cannon caused me to screw up a comment on this blog a few weeks ago. Apparently I’m incapable of commenting thoughtfully on the issues of the day while yelling “THAT”S FUCKING AWESOME!!! I WANT ONE!” at the same time. It’s a limitation I was not previously aware of. I learn so much from the Mythbusters.


  2. While I worked at Discovery Centre, we did a very small scale version of this experiment using a coffee can, flour, candle and some small tubing (for blowing air into the base of the coffee can). I have made some very nice explosions during my demos. I have had balls of flame extending upto 5-6 feet above the can.
    Mythbusters, as Dan as pointed out, definitly over do things to our delight. My favourite explosion is still the cement truck explosion! I still giggle everytime I see it.


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