Sarah Palin

Why hath thou abandoned me?

Sarah Palin’s home church in Wasilla burns, as shown in this image, stolen from the article:

Former Palin church

The reason I posted the image is not to show the damage to the building – provided nobody gets hurt, one building’s loss is another to me. No, what gets me is just how fucking ugly that building is, burnt or intact. It looks like a place that they’d park and fix road crew machines and I suspect that if you panned that photo back you’d see a massive pile salt over to the side.

There was a time when churches were built to the glory of god. What glory is this built to? The lining of a minister’s wallet?


5 thoughts on “Why hath thou abandoned me?

  1. Notre Dame cathedral has got no worries about competition from this place, does it? If you have the opportunity to see any of the world’s great places of worship you can see that the builders believed that “this is the best that we can do”. Without getting into an argument on the merits of religion I will say that between modern architecture and penny-pinching vestry committees, most of whom seem to feel that god will be perfectly happy living in the municipal garage, noone is going to be awed by god’s majesty in the vast majority of modern churches. The catholic church in particular has been sold a bill of goods by their architects. This really is a case of “They did it better in the old days”.


  2. They could put in the back – even a church needs a place to store crap.

    As to the original story – if it was arson, I absolutely condemn it, irregardless of any disagreements I may have with Sarah Palin or whatever has been said in the church in question, this is completely the wrong way to go about voicing your protest. The fact that noone was hurt is immaterial, someone very well could have been.


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