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Money Well Spent?

Your Cousin and Fan kindly pointed this out to me a while ago, and I thought I should share before the end of what has turned out to be a magnificently horrible year for the global economy. Check out the picture below.

The new headquarters for an international cabal of supervillains? The set of the next James Bond extravaganza? Nope – the ceiling of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva:


That’s what $23 million in “art” looks like, my friends. I leave you with a quote from MSNBC, while simultaneously leaving those of us with a social conscience wondering just where the hell the UN’s priorities are:

The Spanish Foreign Ministry says the government is funding 40 percent of the costs, with the rest footed by private-sector donors. Of the public money, 500,000 euros ($633,000) comes from a budget for overseas development aid and international organizations like the United Nations.

Spain’s conservative opposition Popular Party complained that this means money was diverted from projects to alleviate poverty and boost health care in poorer countries, but the ministry insists the funding for Barcelo’s work was separate.

The dispute reached Parliament last week, with Popular Party lawmaker Gonzalo Robles asking “how many thousands of children could have been looked after” with the money spent on the artwork. The ruling Socialists accused him of twisting the facts.


One thought on “Money Well Spent?

  1. I wonder if it is the same artist (or someone related to him) who did the “Voice of Fire” painting for the Canadian government for $1.8 Million? It is amazing what you can get for several hundred gallons of spackle and some spray paint!


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